Woodland Food Closet’s Season of Caring campaign breaks previous fundraising record – Daily Democrat

The Woodland Food Closet – a voluntary community organization created to provide temporary nutritional and hygiene support to individuals and families – has broken its Season of Caring fundraising campaign record that it set last year with nearly 45,000 $ in donations.

Tania Garcia-Cadena, Woodland councilor and executive director of the food closet, said she was surprised to get $37,000 last year from people in the community who were looking to help.

“I thought things might go down and our donations might go down, but instead they went up, which is great because our customer base has definitely gone up,” she pointed out.

The campaign started in late November and was due to end in January, but continued through February as large donations kept coming in. Dozens of Woodland and area residents contributed between $1 and $10,000 for a total of $44,830 that will be used to purchase food and supplies for nearby residents in need.

Garcia-Cadena noted that the nonprofit group receives a lot of people who work but whose hours have been reduced. The organization’s website has responded to the need for its services by more people by eliminating the need for a referral, making the process more efficient for those who need help.

“They may not be eligible for aid or they may never have needed aid before and this is all very new to them,” she explained. “We seem to have more families than in the past and some of them come regularly like every two weeks to supplement what they already have at home. We haven’t had that in the past.

She said the food cupboard was typically only used for emergencies in the past, but has been opened up to more people because they have seen a need for it in the community over the past two years.

According to Garcia-Cadena, the food provided by the organization is nutritionally balanced and is enough groceries for three days for all family members, including hygiene products.

“If they have to pay their PG&E and they can save $50 by coming to the food cupboard and getting their toilet paper, shampoo and toothpaste with food for three days, we’re happy we can do that for them. people,” she pointed out.

The organization has operated strictly out of Woodland Christian Church — located at 509 College St. — for more than 50 years. Garcia-Cadena said the food cupboard is open one hour a day between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

“That’s another thing that makes us unique is that we’re available Monday through Friday,” added Garcia-Cadena. “Most places are once a month or maybe every other Thursday, but we are available every day except holidays.”

The organization has also set up a door-to-door delivery service for people who cannot pick up their food and other supplies themselves, according to the website. To request home delivery for yourself or someone in need, call the pantry at (530) 662-7020 to leave a message and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

However, the food cupboard is not an ongoing food source, and people who need long-term assistance will be referred to the Department of Employment and Human Services to explore other resources and options, according to its website.

Visit woodlandfoodcloset.org to learn more about the organization.

Here is a list of people who donated to the campaign:

$1,000 to $10,000

Charles Buckingham, Amy Del Bondio, Linda and John Ebell, Richard Harrison, Mary Jo and Charles Hoes, Virginia and Howard Moehrke, Mick and Meg Sheldon, Jill Brooks, James P. Zimmerman, Crist Group Inc., Peter and Luisa Urschel, Mark and Marcia Carey, James and Susan Eager.

$500 to $999

American Endowment Foundation, Kirk and Jill Aoki, John and Debbie Canevari, Manley Whitman and Debra Gonella, Dexter and Eddi Quiggle, Kenneth Scarlett, Diane Young, Grafton Lodge #293.

$200 to $499

Randy Blake, James and Lois Carranza, Laura Carrillo, Patricia Clark, Judith and Richard Cunningham, Sarah Gould, Ken and Marcia Hammill, Carolyn Johnson, Anne Mckeever, Ruth Tucker, Richard Wyrsh, Brett and Tonya Canevari, John Collet, Stephen and Alice Mahon, Steven and Nancy Sabbadini, Tom Scarlett, Tom and Meg Stallard, Bradley and Nancy Van Sant, Victor and Dorothy Rigotti.

$100 to $199

Steven Adams, Donna Aukes, Glen Barton, Rod and Linda Battaglia, Adrian Bowen, Michael and Colleen Brock, Don and Pat Campbell, Carol Case, Glenn Cole and Carol Souza-Cole, George William Davenport, Piet and Ana de Bruyne, Jamie and Dan Dougherty, Jon and Barbara Durst, Cathy Fleming, Therisa Friedrich, Diane Frost, Nancy Garcia, Margaret and Dave Giger, Terry Gilbert, John and Debbie Gilbert, Sandra Gillies, Bob and Shelley Gilmour, Dave and Lori Grose, Rebecca Holland, Romie and Jean Holland, Larry and Debbie Hoppin, Christopher and Sheila, Lowell Johnson, Henry and Deane Jones, Craig Jones, Peter and Nancy Koch, Bridget Levich, Alan and Michele Mitchell. Joe and Mary Muller, Phyllis Newton, Darlene Peterson, Donald and Deborah Peterson, Johnnie Pike, Lucinda Powell, Dr Ricardo, David and Jacqueline Richard, Joyce Robinson, Stephen and Janet Ruggiero, R. Childers and S. Vaikkattil, Robert and Virginia Salley , Bob and Judy Simas, Brian and Rita Sogard, Christine Sproul, Richard Stanton, Roz Stone, Susan Taylor, Gary and Marilyn Traynham, Amelia and Gene Truman, Laurens and Susan Vogelsang, Donald Weltz, David Wilkinson, Jack and Judith Willis, Sue and Alan Winchenbaugh, Jeffrey and Elizabeth Wright, Armand and Lorna Carriveau, Roger Landucci, Julia Serat.

$1 to $99

Frank and Leonida Joule, Marianna Robles, Kristen Dachtler, Neal and Susan Hardman, Gerald Heald, Maureen Meszaros, Esther Miramontes, Robert and Judy Bryant, Timothy and Julia Dachtler, Janet Denny, Stella Eilola, Barbara Grady, Rob and JoAnn Hayes, Frank Lucchesi, Richard and Dawn Martin, Gary Jones and Penny Leroy, Nikki and Lary Phipps, Todd and Vicki Riddiough, Carol and Jeffrey Bourke, John and Linda Boyan, Nanci Bristowe, Lisa Bruni, Beth Coehlo, Ed and Carol Conley, Daniel and Cathleen Engstrom, Jacqueline Felton, Tom and Marilyn Fields, Wanda Freeman, Shirley Gilbert, Geraldine Hunter, Eric and Laura Kofoid, Janet and Stanley Levers, Sylvia Lindsey, Joan Martinez, Eldon and Eleanor Matal, Edith Medlin, Angie Mendez, Michele Miller, Phil and Linda Nelms, Bonnie Nelson, Margaret Neu, Sharon and Robert Pinto, Margie Scofield, Mamie Silva, Letha and Tai Sines, Debra Sterline, Ian and Sheryll Strachan, Bill and Piper Sullivan, Justin Heuser, Naomi Rogers-Hefley, Elva Ann Herzinger , Bill and Barbie Palme r, Alan Spilkin, Claire Strehle, Valentine Matal.

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