What your favorite dance skirt says about you

With strict, traditional dress codes, there’s little opportunity to show off your personal sense of style at the helm or in the center.

But a fun way for dancers to express their sartorial sensibility is to choose their dance skirt. Here’s what your dance skirt of the day could say about you. As the saying goes, the trends speak louder than words!

Short wrap skirt

You do not complicate anything: not your pirouette preparation, not your port de bras, and especially not your class outfits. “Practical” is basically your middle name. Avoiding frills and the drama in the studio, your impeccable technique takes center stage.

Mid-length wrap skirt

Two words: prima vibes. Your dancing has that quality in the details, from your shoulder to the way you roll between your feet. Even then, you are your own worst critic and tend to put your own dance aside. Relax and remember why you love dancing so much.


You’re rehearsing or performing a classic variation that requires a tutu – that’s the only reason you’d wear one of those bad boys. It would be so much more delicious to wear one during regular classes, wouldn’t it?

Tennis skirt

OK, queen of musical theater. You’re a real triple threat whose Spotify Wrapped is 99.9% show tunes. You love wearing bold lip color and dream of one day owning custom LaDuca heels.

Short slip-on skirt

You bring athleticism as well as artistry to your dance. If you weren’t a dancer, you’d probably excel in another sport, like volleyball or swimming. Your party trick is that you can secure your bun with just one rubber band, two pins, and concentrated willpower.

High-low skirt

You firmly believe that tights should be worn over your leotard. You probably pair your skirt with a matching shrug and set of leggings. As the course progresses, you shed all your cozy layers like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. A romance or fantasy novel is tucked away in your dance bag between class and rehearsal.

Patterned skirt

You still use Pinterest for mood boards and fashion inspiration. In addition to your patterned skirts, you have an impressive collection of original socks for different parties and occasions. You’re more of a tea drinker than a coffee drinker, but you won’t say no to anything with almond or oat milk.

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