What they wore: Washington enters full Bridgerton regency

Inside a warehouse just off Brentwood Road NE, the Regency period rules.

Driving the news: A Bridgerton The “experience” popup is in DC through May, and the Netflix show’s local fans showed up for Wednesday’s opening night dressed for the set – literally – in flowing floral dresses, puff sleeves and white gloves.

“People understand that it’s about taking pictures,” says Maryland resident Jasmine Williams.

This is what they were wearing:

Tara Bloch and Katie Pettigrew

Katie Pettigrew (left) and Tara Bloch. Photo: Chelsea Cirruzzo/Axios

A DC preschool teacher, Bloch designed dresses for herself and her sister, Pettigrew, who flew in from Pittsburgh for the event. Bloch says she loves making costumes with her sewing machine. “They are fun and different.”


Photo: Chelsea Cirruzzo/Axios

During the pandemic, when this DC-based drag queen couldn’t perform, she started flipping old houses, making outfits from old curtains and upholstery, and sell houses in drag. Her dress was one of her own designs.

Capri Bloomingdale’s

Photo: Chelsea Cirruzzo/Axios

Bloomingdale’s, a DC performer who works for Shi-Queeta-Lee, designed her own dress, starting it on Monday and finishing it before prom. She was then named “Diamond of the Evening” at the ball and covered in silver confetti.

Lakayla Bonaparte

Photo: Chelsea Cirruzzo/Axios

Bonaparte flew in from Richmond for the event, saying she found the fantastical element of a lavish ball meaningful during the pandemic. Her dress is from Selkie.

Monique Burque

Photo: Chelsea Cirruzzo/Axios

The Baltimore-based pediatrician designed and made her own gown. “I like to do crafts to relax,” she says. “It’s good mindfulness.”

Brittany Rae Reese and Joslyn Reese

Brittany Rae (left) and Joslyn Reese. Photo: Chelsea Cirruzzo/Axios

The sisters were there to celebrate Brittany Rae’s 35th birthday. While Brittany Rae, wearing a tailored dress, lives in Maryland, her sister Joslyn flew in from Colorado to be with her.

Frances Maher and Alex Rodriguez

A couple in Regency dress
Photo: Chelsea Cirruzzo/Axios

Local resident Maher called her dress she got from Shein a “modern take on the royal look”.

Nikki Tomlin and Nick Tomlin

Two people in regency dress
Photo: Chelsea Cirruzzo/Axios

The couple, waiting to take a posed portrait together, said they got their fits from Amazon.

Jasmine Williams, Denesha Langley and Eraline Sabino

A trio in regency dress
From left to right: Langley, Williams and Sabino. Photo: Chelsea Cirruzzo/Axios

Williams, Langley and Sabino traveled from northern Virginia and Maryland to dress together in floral dresses (from a combination of Shein, Amazon and Marshall).

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