Tips to save money buying clothes as prices skyrocket

With the summer weather starting to set in, you might want to buy some new clothes for the holidays or just for fun.

But with prices rising on just about everything, the trick is knowing how to do it without breaking the bank.

In a FOX 32 “Money Saver” Special Report, we look at how to refresh your wardrobe on a budget.

With a newborn and an 18-month-old at home, Luisa Castro Beacon knows shopping for clothes is no easy task.

“There’s no point in me buying new clothes,” Beacon said. “They will grow right away.”

Not to mention the prices right now.

“It’s a bit difficult. Everything is expensive,” Beacon said.

So what does this mom from River Forest or any of us have to do? Especially as we begin to travel again, return to work, or simply go out to dinner.

“It’s important to update your wardrobe from time to time. With prices rising, it’s important to look for ways to save,” says Andrea Woroch. “And you can do it on a budget.”

Woroch is an expert in saving consumer money. She gave us some tips for buying new clothes and saving money at the same time.

“When it comes to clothes, the best way to save is to buy your second-hand clothes,” she said. “There are so many resources. Whether it’s your local consignment store to an online resale site.”

Woroch says sites like Poshmark and thredUP are good places to look for brand-name clothing that has been lightly used at a fraction of what you’d pay for regular retail prices.


When it comes to kids’ clothes, Woroch says parents should check out the Swoondle Society to swap your kids’ clothes.

“They’ll send you a bag, fill it with the clothes they’re not wearing,” Woroch said. “You will then get credit for each clothing item you send depending on the brand… so maybe you will get more credits for a nicer, higher end brand… and then you can redeem them for clothes new.”

If you’re still unsure about buying used, Woroch has this advice.

“Nobody needs to know where you bought it from or the price you paid,” Woroch said. “So don’t turn your nose away from these resale sites, because in fact you can get a lot more clothes.”

How much more? FOX 32 stopped by the Goodwill store in Melrose Park to find out.

One woman’s outfit is wildly popular: top from Top Shop, jeans from “The Skinny” and Chinese laundry shoes, all for less than $25.

For young girls, we found Old Navy shoes for $3 and a designer dress for just $4.

For men, a Banana Republic shirt, Gap pants, and all-new Good Fellow shoes — also under $25.

“Many of the items we receive are brand new with tags, so the stigma of going in and getting used items at Goodwill isn’t quite true,” said store manager Troy Sanders.

“I actually think that’s a misconception that’s going away… We’ve found that in a lot of our stores we have younger customers coming in and they don’t have the same stigma… that previous generations had added Sanders.

So far, Beacon has been lucky here and plans to return.

“I come here at least once a week…usually on Wednesdays. I like to come on Wednesdays,” she said.

Other money saving tips to consider when shopping for clothes, when is the best time to buy?

“If you need to update your wardrobe for the summer, let’s say…try pushing it to mid-season. That’s when you’re going to see the biggest discounts,” Woroch said. “Of course shop during those holiday weekends…be it Memorial Day, 4th of July.”

When should you save or splurge?

“I would definitely try to urge people to save on the most stylish and fashionable clothes and spend more on higher quality clothes that will last like a black blazer or a pair of black boots,” Woroch said.

Woroch also says be sure to look up discount codes before checking out, ask the store if they match the price and how many times this has happened – check your closet to see if you already have one. item before buying another.

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