Three old formal dresses lead to a free shop for Winston-Salem teenagers in need of prom attire. | Local News

As someone who makes a living in places where people can temporarily put their troubles aside, Howell understands this as well as anyone.

After looking at these dresses last month for the umpteenth time, she decided to make a few bucks selling them.

Then she thinks better. “I didn’t want to have to try Facebook Marketplace,” she said.

A different idea emerged from a conversation with her mother, said Howell, who mentioned that prom season was closer than anyone thought.

Howell organizes donated shoes at WS Promshop.

Allison Lee Isley, Diary

Via Facebook, she reached out to see if any of her friends knew of any students who might need it.

“If any of my teacher friends know of any high school girls who might struggle to afford a prom dress, let me know,” Howell wrote on Feb. 23. “Maybe I can help you.”

Once online, a snowball of an idea began to roll.

Longtime friend Sarah Burnsy Williams, who for several years helped run FemFest NC, an annual event to raise awareness (and fund the fight) against domestic violence and sexual assault, immediately offered to help. . FemFest NC also has a track record, having raised over $13,000 during a pandemic in 2021 for a women’s shelter.

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