These Vancouver companies make custom clothing or recycle

These three options will extend the life of your wardrobe.

have clothes recycled or made to measure is a great way to extend the life of a garment and avoid the buy, get bored, throw away, repeat cycle.

The bespoke garments you help design specifically to your liking, translating the image of the perfect outfit in your mind into a textile reality, will always hold a special place in your heart and can be passed on to future generations. And along the same lines, heirloom pieces in closets of relatives or friends can find new life when in the right creative hands.

Yet it is surprisingly difficult to find a place in Vancouver that has the capacity to undertake such a project. This is not the fault of the establishments; most are understaffed and have had to focus only on edits that can be done quickly and at higher volume than lengthy custom work from scratch or fiddly remakes.

Also, there is less demand for this nature of service due to the glut of choice available in clothing. Fashion errands that have been prominent on social media platforms for 10 years now can make us feel overdue or miss out if we don’t constantly accumulate new items. And fast fashion brands keep the sentiment alive with new collections every four to six weeks and, in extreme cases like Zara, twice a week.

For those whose needs go beyond a touch-up or are looking to give their wardrobe a makeover, here are some options:


Doing it yourself is daunting and isn’t always an option if the level of interest, skill, or time isn’t there, but for small-scale projects and indulgent fabrics, it’s a great option. The same social media platforms that fueled the problem are also the antidote. Youtubers like the Sorry Girls have super accessible short project videos that can show how to recyclerepair and cover stains on clothes in an inspired way.

DIY is also something to consider if money is an obstacle, as it is true that having patterns made by professionals can be expensive.


Simdy’s has over 30 years of experience and has consultants who are knowledgeable in men’s and women’s clothing. Owner and Chief Modeler Simdy Chow has a background in wedding dress design and operated a factory in Hong Kong for 20 years, making haute couture and formal dresses. However, its services extend to bridesmaid, graduate and casual dresses, as well as business attire, suits and suits.

Custom projects require an appointment made in advance.

Modernize tailors

Founded in 1913, Modernize Tailors has a long history in Vancouver’s Chinatown providing completely bespoke tailoring services. They are one of the only companies in Vancouver to offer special commissions from scratch and their loyal customer base spans generations.

If you bring your own fabric, the experts will have to confirm that it is feasible. Poor quality or loose fabric may not be salvageable, but if it is, it can create something beautiful.

Modernize Tailors works exclusively by appointment and if you can get one, the quality is exceptional.

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