The jacket and dress combinations to try from ‘Emily In Paris’

Each episode of Emilie in Paris presents new looks inspired by French girls for its protagonist: Emily Cooper (played by Lily Collins). Emily is a marketing professional who has transitioned from her job in Chicago to a glamorous and quick new job in Paris. Although his career took a dramatic turn, his basic work clothes have remained relatively the same. Emily’s wardrobe includes a huge selection of blazers, miniskirts and ankle boots. However, fans of the series will see that there are two pieces that she is particularly fond of. When it comes to Emily’s jacket and dressy outfits in Emilie in Paris, you will never witness a boring combination.

The fashion maven gives new life to all her outfits and attire via complementary accessories of berets, mini handbags and stylish ankle boots. One day Emily wears a short wrap dress paired with a black leather jacket and the next day she dons a bomber jacket with an off the shoulder dress. The mastermind behind Emily’s signature look (or the slackers) is Gender and city costume designer Patricia Field. Field shows viewers how easy it is to create multiple outfits with just a dress and a jacket.

You will be amazed at how many different outfit variations you can create with these two wardrobe pieces. Scroll forward for some style inspirations from Emily, then fill in the missing fashion gaps in your wardrobe by shopping for her looks below.

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Black aviator jacket + Off-the-shoulder dress + Structured handbag


Wearing a dress in the rain might seem counterintuitive, but it’s actually genius. You can avoid sitting with soaked pant legs all day and instead quickly wipe any raindrops off your leg with a paper towel or rag. Here, Emily styled her bomber jacket and windbreaker with a floral dress – a print to brighten up the dreary day. A structured handbag added a touch of elegance to its overall ensemble.

Pastel Jacket + Floral Dress + White Boots


Fans know Emily’s style has always been lively and colorful. In Season 1, however, she wore more pastel tones like this purple motorcycle jacket with a floral print dress and white ankle boots. Perhaps the muted tones reflected his distress at having to start a new job in a foreign city. As Emily becomes more familiar with her surroundings, her fashion takes on a more adventurous turn, however.

Black leather jacket + Wrap dress + Mini bag


It might come as a shock, but, yes, Emily also wears all-black outfits on occasion, as pictured here in Season 1, Episode 6. She wore a flowing wrap mini dress with a leather jacket and for him. add texture. together she carried a studded square purse. This versatile outfit is suitable for a variety of occasions, whether it’s a business event, business meeting, or a night out with friends, as it is sophisticated and easy to style. Her exact Alice + Olivia leather jacket is available in store, below.

Hooded denim jacket + Shirt dress + Beret


Throughout Season 1, Emily’s hooded denim jacket is her comfy and must-have piece. Viewers know she enjoys adding a Parisian touch to each of her ensembles. So of cours, she had to style the casual outerwear with one of her berets. This time for work, she chose a plaid top and a rocking shirt dress with her jacket for a French girl look.

Printed puffer jacket + Floral mini-dress + Black strappy heels


Instead of wearing a one-color puffer jacket, go for a printed version, whether it’s a whimsical floral print or a patchwork pattern. It will be this item in your wardrobe that will bring a cheerful mood to any outfit. Here, Emily chose an Off-White floral puffer jacket and a complementary mini-dress for a Season 1, Episode 10 show. Her eccentric fashion personality was revealed again through her choice of shoes: a pair of heels with lace-up straps.

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