The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Thursday 17th June

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Let’s continue this unforeseen trip to Hoddles on the Euros.

Walk of the day

Sounds cool being Roberto Mancini. Why? He is at the head of an Italian squad which is having an excellent start to the European Championship, and he is also a candidate for the title of the most stylish manager of the tournament.

Mancini has a pretty big advantage over his counterparts – Emporio Armani has chosen to supply Italy with formal wear this year and has clearly selected some great pieces for the team. Mancini is the biggest beneficiary of this partnership as he wears the clothes more often, but his players can wear Armani as well.

The outfit is inspired by Enzo Bearzot, the manager of the Italian team that won the World Cup in 1982. It is not uncommon for Armani to get into the sport – they regularly make the opening and closing ceremonial outfits for the Olympic team Italian.

Designer items aren’t inherently more stylish than other clothing, but it’s a very good use of Armani’s resources. It’s another case of a beneficial partnership on both sides in the sport – it’s nice to receive custom branded clothing, and Armani is reaching a slightly different audience with built-in models and influencers. (Slightly related reading: Alexis Ohanian, Internet entrepreneur and co-founder of Angel City, wrote a Twitter thread arguing that this meeting point of fashion and sport will only grow, especially in women’s sport.)

tl; dr: Italy is competing for the most stylish team in the Euro, thanks to Emporio Armani.

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Links of the day

Austria’s Marko Arnautović received a one-match suspension for insulting the Albanian roots of a North Macedonian opponent.

Anti-discrimination group Tariff sent a report to UEFA about a homophobic banner spotted in Hungary-Portugal.

Sergio Ramos will leave Real Madrid on the loose, ending their 16-year stay at the club.

Belgium will pay tribute to Dane Christian Eriksen by putting the ball out of play in the 10th minute of today’s game to start a minute of applause.

A longer read: Grant Wahl on the death of an Azerbaijani journalist shortly after criticizing a footballer and the country’s anti-media culture for Illustrated sports

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