“Russia Popeye” Ruki Bazuki Has Fans Concerned About Artificially Pumped Arms

Kirill Tereshin has gone viral for his bulging arms – achieved with the help of synthol.

A man dubbed ‘Russian Popeye’ for his artificially inflated arms is being urged by fans to reconsider his dangerous body modifications. Kirill Tereshin, who goes by the name Ruki Bazuki on social media, still sports bulging muscles despite having to undergo life-saving surgery two years ago. According to daily star, Kirill Tereshin, 25, has become a social media sensation for videos that show him flexing his giant biceps or wearing extravagant designer clothes. He had previously been forced to have his enhanced triceps surgically removed – but his swollen arms have raised concerns among fans.

Mr. Tereshin started with injections of synthol oil in 2017 with the aim of getting bigger arms. It’s a product that bodybuilders use to increase muscle mass and create bigger bulges, but it can also cause nerve and muscle tissue damage, formation of cysts in the muscles, and even affect cardiovascular health.

Synthol is composed of 85% medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, 7.5% lidocaine and 7.5% alcohol.

According to ladbible, doctors warned Mr. Tereshin that he could face amputation or even death. “I swelled up my arms when I was 20 because of my own stupidity. I didn’t think about the consequences,” the Russian social media influencer said.

In 2019, Mr Tereshin had to undergo corrective surgery to remove pieces of hardened petroleum jelly from his arms. “Petroleum jelly is not meant for injection, only for external application,” her doctor said at the time. “Kirill injected about three liters into each arm. It saturated muscle tissue, blocked blood flow.

“Vaseline affects the whole body, especially the kidneys. I think Kirill didn’t fully realize the consequences of what he had done,” continued Dr. Melnikov of Sechenov Moscow State Medical University. .

Recent photos and videos shared by Mr Tereshin have once again caused concern among his Instagram and TikTok followers. In the comments section, many urged him to see a doctor.

“Get professional help before it’s too late…” one person wrote. “Please see a doctor,” said another.

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