Marin may have a new rival for Gojo’s heart

As Marin struggles with her growing feelings for Gojo, Episode 6 of My Dress-Up Darling sees a mysterious girl show up at the doll shop one rainy night.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for My Dress-Up Darling Episode 6, “For Real?!now streaming on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

Episode 5 of My darling dressing witnessed Gojo inadvertently confessing his love for Marin. Now in episode 6, he helps Marin wash his cosplay wig using advice from a magazine. Marin is visibly smitten with Gojo, blushing when he smiles at her.

Meanwhile, Gojo’s grandfather is spending time with Miori, Gojo’s older cousin. On the drive home, he is seen explaining that his downfall was caused by the discovery of lacy stockings in Gojo’s shopping bag. On his way home, he sees his grandson washing a dress and Marin popping up from behind him, sending him back in shock and causing another fall.

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My Dress up Darling Marin Gojo Shy

After taking care of him, Gojo explains the situation to his grandfather, deeply impressing the man by showing him the dress. As Marin watches them discuss the intricacies of sewing, she realizes that she is madly in love with Gojo. She can’t fathom how adorable he is and begins to panic about what to do about it – until her growling stomach interrupts her inner monologue.

Gojo’s grandfather offers to cook dinner for him so they share a meal together. Marin gushes about Gojo’s ability to cook, and she reveals that she eats unhealthy takeout every night; she lives alone since the death of her mother and her father is always absent to work. Gojo’s grandfather now offers Marin dinner at their house every night, which she happily accepts.

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As Gojo drops Marin off on the subway, Marin shyly says goodbye. On the subway, she reflects on her struggle with her feelings and lets out a heavy sigh. When Gojo returns from the subway, he realizes that his grandfather let in a girl, assuming she was another friend of Gojo’s. Since he has no friends other than Marin, he panics, thinking this is a new form of trickery and theft. Bursting into the bathroom, he interrupts a fully naked young girl in a very awkward scene where he subconsciously compares her to his beloved dolls through the lack of hair.

Surely a breath of relief for Gojo and My darling dressing viewers, she reveals that she is older than Gojo. After apologizing, the mystery girl reveals she’s there for the costumes, but Gojo mistakenly assumes she wants a doll shop tour and gives her one. When she gets frustrated and clarifies that she’s there for the cosplay, she reveals her name is Juju-san. He soon realizes that this is the cosplayer Marin looks up to and told Gojo about while they were cosplaying.

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Calling Marin, she immediately exclaims that she’s Juju-san’s biggest fan and begins gushing over her in fangirl fashion. When Gojo reveals she’s here because she saw Marin’s photos, she’s over the moon. Juju-san wants a cosplay of Shion Nikaido’s Black Lily outfit, which happens to be the mascot currently hanging on Marin’s school bag.

As the two girls try to explain the plot to Gojo, who has no idea, Juju-san begins to feel guilty upon realizing that Marin doesn’t just cosplay cute characters without knowing them. When asked why she doesn’t cosplay as Shion, Marin exclaims that she isn’t the right size or looking for Shion and wants to preserve the character’s image because she loves him. such. Juju-san is so moved that she starts crying and apologizes for assuming Marin was a fake fan.

Juju-san then asks for Gojo’s coordinates to send him her measurements and assures Marin not to be mistaken. this is purely for cosplay business. She asks if they are dating and Gojo freaks out, denying it while Marin now realizes he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Before Juju-san leaves, Marin asks to cosplay Shion’s older sister but is immediately rejected before she can finish talking. So, is Juju-san keeping her word? Will she only be here for business, or does Marin have a new contender for Gojo’s heart as My darling dressing keep on going?

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