Maclennan hopes to go straight from closet to mayor’s chair

The slate of candidates vying for North Bay’s top political office grew to three today when North Bay Pride communications manager Jason Maclennan announced he had ‘come out of the closet to run for mayor of the City of North Bay”.

In a press release, Maclennan refers to the council being named the most secretive in Canada.

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“I was in the closet hiding my true authentic self for many years, but when I finally came out of the closet and was transparent about being openly gay, the world for me was a better place,” says Maclennan. “It’s my belief; you can’t hide your offers from the community when you’re in public service. And getting that ‘honorable’ mention as top secret advice is an embarrassment to all of us.”

Maclennan says the council’s secrecy has him scratching his head.

“if you were on this board, what would you do differently moving forward, or maybe you just shouldn’t show up again. How do you work for the city, when you’re not speaking to people who live in the city? doesn’t work.”

Transparency is becoming a common theme for new board nominees. Over the weekend, City Council candidate Jamie Lowery also made it a mainstay of his platform.

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Maclennan says the town has grown, but asks “for whom?”

“Not the homeless. Not low income people. Not small business owners. Not seniors. Not people who are first time home buyers. I noticed the city council talks about new businesses coming to town, but they never talk about businesses we’ve lost or moved out of town, but that would be part of the transparency, wouldn’t it? »

He adds that community collaboration is lacking in the municipal council.

“We need older people to tell us their needs, we need places like West Ferris to tell us their needs because it will be different from Airport Hill. We need advisory committees that are approved by the city council. Maybe if this was the process before, the city would have remembered simple things like adding changing rooms to the fields they built for millions of people.

“Corporations create opportunities for the few like CEOs. Government is supposed to create opportunities for everyone. That’s what’s missing, that’s what we’re going to change. That’s how we’re going to grow and ending things like homelessness.

Maclennan, currently employed by Canada Post, has worked with North Bay Pride since 2017.

He highlights his growth, which is “beyond what everyone expected”.

“This clearly shows that he can develop events and the city for all, not just the few,” the statement said.

Maclennan is a former Community Relations and Business Manager and has lived in North Bay since 2005.

“Jason will be North Bay’s first openly gay mayor if elected,” the statement added.

Applications will be submitted in the coming weeks.

Get more information and check out its platform here.

Maclennan joins Peter Chirico and Johanne Brousseau in the race for mayor.

The next municipal election will take place on Monday, October 24.

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