La Ronge clothing designer opens studio and office in Saskatoon

Miller created a hybrid line from flannel shirts he bought from those stores and he said he didn’t expect it to work so well.

“I’ve gone from buying used clothes to buying new clothes at this point, so it’s not shrunk or anything,” he said. “I always do the cut and sew aspect of everything, but it’s going really well. I plan to make shorts from scratch this summer.

Sparked Apparel began in the basement of Miller’s parents’ home in La Ronge. For a short time he worked from his home in Saskatoon, but in February an architectural firm contacted him after hearing about him in the media and offered him free space in their building. This media coverage has also earned Miller more business, as he now ships clothes across Canada and even as far afield as Australia and Germany.

Miller noted that those interested in his work should keep their eyes peeled for his upcoming product launch as it will be a change from what he has been doing. He was able to improve his sewing machine, he has just bought a screen printing kit and part of the grant he received will be used to buy a computerized embroidery machine.

“It’s helping me a lot right now as I’m almost done setting up my office and I’m going to be ordering clothes for the Napatāk Ramble which will be taking place in the next few months,” Miller said.

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