“Kim Kardashian’s choice of dress at the Met Gala was a marketing masterstroke” – Julie McCaffrey

Julie McCaffrey says Marilyn Monroe’s dress, which sold for £4million at auction in 2016, was shipped to Kim’s home by private plane – waving two fingers at environmental concerns

Kim Kardashian wore a dress that belonged to Marilyn Monroe

I gasped when I saw it – just like the audience did when Marilyn Monroe took off her white fur stole at the John F Kennedy fundraiser in 1962 to reveal the shimmering, sheer, form-fitting gown .

Last night, 6,000 hand-stitched crystals on the dress dazzled under photographers’ bulbs and on Kim Kardashian’s Skims lingerie.

It was a marketing masterstroke: Kim sucked all the attention from heavily styled A-List guests at the Met Gala.

All the best looks have a story behind them. And what a story.

Explaining it to my 13-year-old triplet daughters at breakfast, who had already seen a Tik Tok frenzy on the dress, we have YouTube the moment Marilyn emerged from behind a catwalk to scream and roar in approval as the crowd welcomed him. An incredibly sexy and breathless rendition of Happy Birthday sealed the moment as iconic.

Marilyn Monroe wearing the dress in 1962


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Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala yesterday


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A dress and just 90 seconds on stage told the world that JFK was more than Marilyn’s president. It showed her famous figure looking better than ever and her understated chutzpah for having the courage to wear something daringly translucent when women typically wore conservative button-down styles. Marilyn looked at the bare bar jewelry. No wonder that moment has never been forgotten in the seven decades since.

Then I read Kim’s story in a Vogue interview published just before the Met Gala as part of the perfect PR package. And I became less impressed and cut the conversation short with my daughters.

Marilyn’s dress, which sold for £4million at auction in 2016, was shipped to Kim’s home by private plane – waving two fingers to address environmental concerns.

And it turns out Marilyn, with her natural, coveted curves, was shorter than the surgically-enhanced Kim. And Kim had none of that.

Speaking about her efforts to lose 16 pounds fast, she said: ‘So when it didn’t sit right with me, I felt like crying because it couldn’t be changed at all. She wore a “twice-a-day sauna suit”, exercised daily and followed a strict sugar-free and carb-free diet.

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“I didn’t starve myself, but I was so strict,” Kim said. “I felt like crying tears of joy when it was going up.”

Kim wants the world to know — and I don’t want my daughters or other impressionable Kardashian fans to hear it.

I imagined one day showing Marilyn’s Happy Birthday Mr President dress to my daughters, which was stored in a dark, air-conditioned safe until Kim got her manicured hands on it. And I thought of the plaque which, until last night, could have said: “Worn by only one woman: Marilyn Monroe, actress, singer, businesswoman, icon.

Now he will now have a postscript: “And reality TV star Kim Kardashian.”

I’m no longer impressed with the PR genius behind Kim’s Met Gala outfit. Instead, I feel sad.

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