I got dressed by celebrity stylist Karla Welch via her Wishi app

As social distancing guidelines continue to rise and we start to go out and socialize more, piece of reflection after piece of reflection after piece of reflection covered the sartorial crisis going on in our heads. What are we wearing now? Of course, there really aren’t any rules on what exactly you should or shouldn’t wear, but for those looking for advice, there are plenty of ways to get inspiration.

Wishi, a personal online styling service with acclaimed stylist Karla Welch, launched in 2019, just before our wardrobe of choice was a consistent rotation of loungewear. But the timing was almost perfect for Welch and his team, as they were able to give the one-on-one attention that Wishi users were looking for in stores they couldn’t visit IRL, while saving time and decision fatigue. that can come from online shopping. In addition, it operates a new virtual style business model that is becoming a niche of its own on Instagram.

“We’ve had countless requests for Zoom clothing, especially tops, and over the past few months we’ve seen an astronomical increase in our bookings,” Welch told NYLON of Wishi’s request over the past few months. last two years. “Customers tell us they are tired of sweating and ask for a lot of colors.”

Wishi offers three types of reservations for its service: the “Wishi Mini,” which costs $ 40 for a one-on-one conversation with a stylist, a personal style moodboard, and two outfit idea boards; the “Wishi Major” costs $ 90 and is a bit more in-depth when it comes to getting a style overhaul, totaling five mood boards (and revisions). There’s also the “Closet Clean Out” for the same price ($ 90) that Welch notes was a top pick for users.

“Less is more in the new normal, and buyers are looking to invest in a few key basics at a higher price,” she says. “Our ‘Closet Clean Out’ package has been a real success because customers love having the eyes of a stylist to digitally modify their wardrobe and recommend the missing items they need.”

As of Thursday, June 17, Welch has also added celebrity stylist Maeve Riley to her roster. “I couldn’t be more excited to have Maeve at the Wishi Style Council,” she says. “She’s the quintessential street stylist and I love her look.” Known to be the mastermind behind Hailey Bieber’s daily and red carpet looks, users can now book her services (for 24 hours only) so they can stock up on their own wardrobe essentials.

“Karla and I worked closely as stylists for Justin and Hailey, so when she asked me to join her on the Wishi Style Council, I couldn’t wait to say yes,” Riley told NYLON. “By styling on Wishi, I can connect directly with my followers to spread cuteness, positivity, and brighten up one outfit at a time. Empathy and connection are very important to me and The Local Love Club, and Wishi is the place of collaboration and connection between stylists and our communities, so this is the perfect partnership.

I had the chance to try Wishi, as well as the rare opportunity to get expert fashion advice from Welch herself. Coming up, find out more about the personal style process and what to expect.

Dressier looks, styled by Karla Welch: “NY meets the vibes of LA. I like cool pants with an interesting t-shirt. I added these sandals to replace them with Birkenstocks, which I love but think they could be a bit higher. Finally, I found this awesome blazer at 60% off and I think it would look so cool with loose pants or denim shorts!Courtesy of Wishi
My personal style moodboard, created by Karla Welch: “I love all of your style icons for their sense of individuality and their bad ass style!”
Casual looks, styled by Karla Welch: “I worked on a bolder / cooler look for you with two types of shoes depending on whether you want a more minimal or bolder look. I still believe in a good leather jacket. I also love this new bag. It has a unique shape and it is minimal at the same time.

Wishi Personal Styling Service Step 1: Take the Style Quiz

Once you create an account on Wishi, you are given a quiz to help you define your personal style. Questions range from what your favorite brands are and whether you align with certain aesthetics, to picking and choosing which celebrity or street style you love (or hate). This survey will also determine which stylist will be your best partner to work with.

Wishi’s personal styling service Step 2: Team up with a stylist

Welch and Wishi will find a stylist to match your fashion needs, but sometimes you can book an exact stylist for their service. In my case, I partnered up with Welch for a “Wishi Mini” and she kicked off our private chat session on the app to get the ball rolling. While she was going through my profile and the quiz results, I made sure to let her know any specific requests I had. I told her that I had recently moved to the West Coast after living in New York City for over a decade, so I was looking for suggestions to update my wardrobe.

Wishi’s personal styling service, step 3: start with an inspiring moodboard

Welch first sent me my inspirational moodboard, using my celebrity style icons and their outfits. I had the option to give my opinion, or choose the automatic responses, “I love all your ideas!” “,” I like certain ideas “or” Not really my style “. I mentioned that a few of the looks were a little too polished for me, but overall it was a great inspiration, and Welch took note with his two style boards.

Wishi’s Personal Styling Service Step # 4: Style Charts and Determine What Works

The style boards show off loads of pieces for outfit ideas, and Welch’s premiere was what I was looking for: a mix of layered clothes, stylish sandals, plus some cool jewelry (ear cuffs!) to finish each look. You can also ask about the chosen items if you need more style advice. For the second plank, I asked for more casual looks, mentioning that I almost always wear comfortable, oversized silhouettes with sneakers or sandals.

This time around, Welch’s choices didn’t quite reflect my style. I chose the ‘not really my style’ auto-reply option and gave some feedback on the parts that needed to be swapped (a backpack, a fleece jacket, and a denim shirt). After that, she came back with a brand new style board that hit the nail on the head, and just like that our session was over.

Wishi’s Personal Styling Service Step 5: Go ahead and get dressed!

I find the “Wishi Mini” sessions great if you need style ideas for a specific event, but if you are looking for a major post-vax fashion overhaul of your wardrobe then the “Wishi Major” is definitely worth it. worth considering. Every item in Wishi’s Style Boards can be purchased directly from the app or website, so you can shop right away. Since I like to look for the best deal and always browse retail sites for work, I have let the style charts serve as a point of reference whenever I receive purchases, which in this way moment, is quite often.

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