I buy her nice clothes and she don’t wear them

DEAR ABBY: From time to time, I pick up my granddaughter from public school. This week I picked it up on Tuesday and again on Friday. Both days she wore the exact same outfit, shirt/hoodie that was too small and worn out jeans that were too big.

Jeanne Phillips

Tuesday when my son picked it up (mom wasn’t with him) I told him I didn’t like the jeans and the shirt/hoodie didn’t fit well. He said he thought the jeans were fine.

Abby, I bought a lot of clothes for my granddaughter and I know she should have other options. I’ve always felt like “no matter what you have, you always put your best foot forward.”

For reference, my son leaves home at 5:30 in the morning and his mother takes him to school.

Am I wrong to want to chastise my son and his wife for this? I sincerely think they are doing the child a disservice by allowing him to go to school this way.


DEAR GRANDMA: I would have liked you to mention the age of your granddaughter. Nowadays, children choose their own outfits without the help of their parents or the input of their grandmothers.

Your sense of style may be very different from your granddaughter’s. Maybe that’s what the other students are wearing, and she doesn’t want to be “different.” The most important thing is not what she wears, but whether she is clean and neat.

I sincerely hope you refrain from “chastening” your son and daughter-in-law about this as I can guarantee it will not be appreciated.

DEAR ABBY: My wife doesn’t like the presents I bought her.

I gave her an Apple Watch for her birthday, two days after Christmas. The only model they had in stock was the SE, which is a nice watch. If they had the 7 series I would have bought it because I know how it is. Of course, she “had to” research the price, which was $120 less than the Series 7.

After spending $700 on designer bags for her for Christmas, buying her a dozen other things and an Apple Watch, she had the audacity to call me cheap! I am deeply hurt.

I tried to talk to her about it, but she says I’m too sensitive.

For what it’s worth, she didn’t get me anything for Christmas. What to do here?


DEAR NOT THANK YOU: It seems that you married a demanding “material girl”.

Someone – you, perhaps – should point out that researching the cost of a gift and calling the giver “cheap” is beyond rude. At least she owes you an apology.

As for “what to do here,” in future giving seasons, I wouldn’t blame you if you were less generous with your selfish, ungrateful wife and closed your wallet.

DEAR READERS: On this Day of Love, I want you to know how much I cherish the relationship I have with you. I wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day. – LOVE, ABBY

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