Historical fashion titles given to Brookdale

Brookdale Community College recently received a fine collection of historic fashion magazines from Norman Lavine, President of Vintage Print Gallery and RetroGraphics Publishing. Lavine has been a collector of fashion magazines from the 1700s to the 1930s since the 1970s. At age 79, he decided to donate his collection to local colleges.

The collection Lavine donated to Brookdale includes French magazines from the 1800s to the early 1900s, including large patterns of fabrics that women of that period used to make the clothes featured in the magazine. Also included are large lithographs from sample books like chic parisian distributed in Paris, London and New York. They were used by women to choose a dress, and the company showing the book ordered the dress from the manufacturer. There are also several editions of Harper’s Bazaar magazine of the 1860s, 1870s and 1880s.

“Our students will be able to use the collection in our FASH225 Survey of Historic Costume class to learn about types of clothing from different time periods,” said AnnMarie Hughes, assistant professor and co-head of the Fashion Merchandising and Marketing Department. at Brookdale Community University. “We will also use the collection in FASH121, Fashion Merchandising as examples of early forms of fashion communication and publishing. Our other fashion courses, such as our design courses, can use them as inspiration in their own designs and collections. I think we will have many opportunities to use them in most of our courses.

The students all agreed: “It will be really cool to copy and use these models.” They are really excited to read the posts and have them to enhance their learning experience.

Go to Fashion Design and Merchandising website for more information on the program at Brookdale. There are also ongoing opportunities to advance studies to a Bachelor of Fashion Studies program with formal agreements between Brookdale and other colleges and universities. For a transfer after Brookdale, go to transfer resources

​Photo: Alexandria Montvoro, Grace Mills, Jay’la Stallworth, Fashion Merchandising Students, Judith Unger, Assistant Library Professor, Nicole Callamaras, Student, and AnnMarie Hughes, Assistant Professor of Fashion Merchandising and Marketing.

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