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MILAN- “It was easier for him to draw with me than for me to sing with him,” quipped Alessandro Michele on Monday, talking about Harry Styles and presenting the Gucci Ha Ha Ha collection resulting from his friendship with the singer and actor. British.

The capsule’s name represents not only the blending of the initials of Michele’s and Styles’ names, but also the onomatopoeic sound of the laughing face emoji used for years to end their posts.

Gucci’s creative director met Styles, a member of former boy band One Direction, around the time the latter released his first album as a solo artist in 2017. The artist wore Gucci on the red carpet and on tour for years and was tapped into by the fashion house to showcase its Autumn 2018 couture collection ad campaign, photographed by Glen Luchford at a North London fish and chip shop posing with animals, including chickens and dogs. Styles likes to wear bright colors such as pink, sequins and heels and some of her standout looks include her Gucci outfit at the 2019 Met Gala, which featured a black lace and sheer top with black dress pants, three different boas he wore to the 2021 Grammys and his Vogue cover for the December 2020 issue in which he wore a Gucci dress.

“He has an incredible sense of fashion, he is obsessed with clothes,” marvels Michèle. “He keeps sketches and archives, he could easily be a stylist or a designer and is very free, representative of this new generation which is interested in so many things. I observed his ability to combine clothes in a way that is out of the ordinary with respect to the required standards of taste and common sense and the homogenization of appearance.

Each look in the capsule merges the distinctive style of both men, with a 70s vibe that matches well with the rest of the clothing and accessories on sale at the ‘Cavalli e Nastri’ vintage store where Gucci hosted the presentation – reflecting Michele and Styles’ shared passion for vintage clothing.

“Harry has a very clear and precise point of view, in addition to a great instinct and he chooses his clothes with great care. The idea of ​​this capsule is banal in its simplicity, and it is an act of love , but it’s valuable, it’s sophisticated, and we paid a lot of attention to fabrics and sartorial details,” Michele said. “It was a light and easy business with that kind of relationship. serious.

Flared trousers, British-style duffel coats in masculine fabrics, pretty brooches in the shape of teddy bears, colorful shirts with childish patterns of cherries or sheep, a velvet double-breasted tuxedo jacket and ankle boots with a bright red leather heart intarsia were some of the pieces unveiled. – with Styles’ iconic newsboy caps. “It’s the look of a lord turning into a rock star,” Michele offered.

The one-of-a-kind collection will be in stores in October, and Michele believes it will appeal not only to Styles fans, but “anyone who has a passion for clothes.”

The event was part of Milan Men’s Fashion Week and Michele hinted at the possibility of returning to the official calendar soon with a men’s fashion show.

A look from the Gucci Ha Ha Ha collection
courtesy of Gucci

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