Guests sworn to secrecy ahead of Sydney society wedding

“I’ve gone through 20 years of receipts and nowhere have this person’s details appeared in our system. When I googled his number, his role in the Spender campaign came up,” the business owner said.

Ms Spender said she became aware of the incident early last week.

“This individual has been identified by the owner of the business as a worker on my campaign. I believe businesses should be free to publicly support any candidate they wish. I immediately visited the business and I Spoke with the owner and offered my sincerest apologies she added.

Emerald City is told that the man in question has since resigned from his Spender campaign position.

“I spoke to the campaign worker and said it was completely unacceptable, and he offered to resign, which I accepted. He told me he had apologized to “a member of the store team. He has deep remorse.”

Danish Crown Princess Mary is currently in Australia after years away.Credit:United States

Mary’s visit under no royal business

Hobart’s own royal, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, slipped into her home country unheralded before her trip to Melbourne set the well-heeled local tongues wriggling. Jet into the port city on a Thai Airways flight several days ago, the local royal is widely understood to have traveled to Hobart where her sister Jane and father John reside.

On her first visit Down Under since 2017, Emerald City understands the private trip was to attend a private family function in Tasmania. However, she managed to make time to visit the Dark City to see her best friend. small amberwho was a bridesmaid at her wedding in 2004.

In the affluent bayside suburb of Brighton, home to glamorous Housewives, AFL WAGs and, most notably, the late Shane Warne, the couple spent last Wednesday shopping on Church Street.

Alex Macris and Jessica Ingham got married in 2013.

Alex Macris and Jessica Ingham got married in 2013.

Emerald City has confirmed that His Royal Highness has taken a bespoke coral suit priced at $1450 from renowned Australian designer Scanlan Theodore. While it’s unclear where in town the princess was staying, sources suggested she had been staying at Ms Petty’s humble apartment block in Elwood, where two sturdy security guards were waiting.

Emerald City are also learning that the royal is expected to leave Sydney in the coming days and return to Europe on a Thai Airways flight.

This may be one of Princess Mary’s last private trips, having been appointed official regent in Denmark, meaning she can now act on behalf of the country’s queen.

The Tasmanian-born princess, who married Prince Frederick after meeting him in a Sydney pub during the 2000 Olympics, she will become queen when her husband ascends the throne.

Instagram images from Jessica Ingham's designer sales page.

Instagram images from Jessica Ingham’s designer sales page.Credit:instagram

The Chicken Heiress Jessica Ingham designer flash sale

To the chicken heiress of Sydney Jessica Ingham fallen on hard times since falling out in business with his former best friend Roxy Jacenko?

Last week, the mum-of-one took to Instagram, where she’s building a profile as a social media influencer, and started advertising for the sale of her fashion clothes and accessories. creators.

The page ‘Jess Ingham Wardrobe’ which launched last week is proving popular with over 1,000 subscribers, including new mum Sarah Budge, girlfriend of underworld figure John Ibrahim. Although no clothing or accessories are currently listed, the socialite signals a strict no-exchange or refund policy to her potential buyers on her page.

While Jess is busy hosting a clearance sale, her former best friend Jacenko was busy having dinner at the soft opening of Da Orazio restaurant in Bondi on Monday with Ingham’s ex-husband Alex Macris. emeraldcity hears PR maven dine alongside Macris, brother of murdered Sydney mobster John Macris and personal trainer eastern suburbs start judo. In January last year, Ingham confirmed to sister column Emerald City Private Sydney that the former besties were no longer in business together.

Their longtime friendship has all but disappeared from their respective Instagram pages.

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