Five Wedding Suit Trends for 2022

When it comes to aisle fashion, the dress usually steals the show. But with more options than ever, modern grooms are offering some seriously stylish looks. And of course, not all marriages have a bride.

Whether you’re wearing a classic tuxedo or something personalized and custom-made, every groom deserves to look and feel as special as the day.

Here are our picks of 2022 wedding suit trends for fashion-forward brides.

The perfect fit

Bespoke tailoring is where it is in 2022, with a particular focus on fit and design. Instead of an uncomfortable and bland rental tuxedo, or something mass-produced off the rack, design your dream wedding suit to your liking and have it made to your exact measurements using natural fiber fabrics high quality (meaning your suit will fit you, be made to your design and you won’t look hot and sweaty on the dance floor in your wedding photos). There are bespoke tailors who make affordable, high quality, bespoke and made to measure wedding suits and shirts. Once you’ve worn a bespoke suit, you won’t look back!

Bright colors

Color is back in fashion in a big way, and that includes wedding style. Many modern brides are embracing color in their wedding dress, eschewing the traditional white gown in favor of pink, black, gold, and even florals. For the bride and groom, that could mean a bold blazer or a vibrant head-to-toe color. By going bespoke, you can choose from hundreds of fabrics in classic or bolder colors depending on your confidence level!

A change of costume

It’s common these days for the bride to do a second look to dance the night away, but who says a groom can’t do the same? Flaunt that personal style and wear what excites you – whether it’s a sneaker or a custom velvet evening jacket for the reception.

Eye-catching patterns

Texture and patterns instantly add a dose of personality, originality and style to your look. Pinstripes, checks, textured fabrics, panes, florals – there are so many options in suiting fabrics and opting for something a little bolder is all the rage this year. Not bold enough to choose a pattern for your costume? Consider incorporating patterns into your look through your suit lining or pocket square and accessories – but not all at once! If you can’t find the perfect off-the-shelf fabric, go for customization where the sky is the limit!

Personalized and personalized keys

Does it get more sentimental than a groom giving a secret nod to his partner in his wedding attire? Whether it’s your partner’s name or wedding date monogrammed inside your suit jacket or on your shirt cuff, or a personalized liner symbolic of where you’re getting married or where your marriage proposal was, it’s a romantic gesture that won’t go unnoticed. Be personalized to choose all the finer details of your suit, fabric, lining, buttons, lapels and monogram.

InStitchu offers custom, luxurious and affordable wedding suits made to your exact measurements and design. Costumes for you and your groomsmen start at $449*. Visit their website to learn more.

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