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Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images, Herald PR

At around 9:30 p.m. Thursday night, a room full of guests gathered around two televisions on the 17th floor of the Public Hotel in New York City, eagerly waiting for Anna Delvey to troubleshoot ICE app tech issues and video chat in his first solo art exhibition. . While the artist, née Anna Sorokin, couldn’t be there in person – the convicted con artist, who spent two years in prison after swindling New York’s elite out of thousands of dollars, is currently being held in a ICE detention center in Orange County after overstaying her visa – that didn’t stop her from arranging her return.

The show, a one-night-only event titled “Allegedly,” comes on the heels of Delvey’s return to the public eye thanks to Netflix’s TV show loosely based on his life, Invent Anna. The night started in one of the hotel’s dark lounges, which was comfortably packed by the time I arrived at 7:45. Clubby music blared as bartenders poured wine and champagne. The majority of the guests seemed to be from the press, although I ran into two friends of the DJ, a Danish documentarian whose friend worked at the hotel, and a few distant acquaintances of Christopher Martine, the curator in charge of releasing the drawings for ‘Anna from ICE. . Martine, who organized the event, told me that Julia Fox and Julia Garner — who played Anna in Invent Anna – were supposed to attend but were respectively “in Los Angeles and Europe”.

Although the event was billed as an art exhibition, there was no art immediately visible, and I wasn’t the only one wondering if, much like Delvey’s assertion earlier in the day she was setting up a law firm, it was all a big bang. But after a brief dance number from drag queen Yuhua Hamasaki impersonating Delvey (she walked out with the words “The thread is coming!”), I heard someone behind me say, “Excuse me.” I turned to see a model in black sheer tights pulled over her head and huge Fendi sunglasses holding a gold-framed 9×12 design to her chest, pushing her way through the crowd. Other art-bearing models followed, strutting down a runway path crowded with oblivious revelers who didn’t seem concerned about getting out of the way.

Delvey’s pencil drawings fall somewhere between fashion sketches and New Yorker cartoons, labeled in neat script with captions like “I’m the show” and “Never complain, never explain.” Martine tells me that they paid lawyers to collect the drawings, which were done in detention, and when it became too expensive, they used the prison’s email system, sending emails only on days where “people in the facility she trusted” worked. They seem meant to be a commentary on his situation over the past few years, though the takeaways aren’t always clear. In Vanilla ice cream, Delvey sketched herself surrounded by a sea of ​​ICE detainees with the words “White Privilege Request Status: Denied” written across the bottom. another piece, The trial is the new sex tape, depicts a re-enactment of her trial, complete with her signature white dress and black choker.

After the show, the crowd was invited upstairs to a bland gallery-like space dotted with cocktail tables where Delvey’s designs were displayed on folding tables at the edges of the room. Scannable QR codes on the plates offered links to purchase a percentage of the original collection or drop $250 on a print. The only representatives of the art world I met were two social media strategists from Christie’s. Asked about Christie’s interest in Delvey’s collection, they replied, “Nothing yet.”

Eventually I ran into someone who had met Delvey, a model and casting director Livia Rose Johnson, who informed me that several people in the room were texting Anna while we were talking. Perhaps it was the group of middle-aged white men in business suits, who stood out among the designer midriff shirts and chic silk ensembles that dominated the room. One of them, who appeared to be a member of his legal team, gave a rousing speech while we waited for Anna to ‘arrive’, in which he pointed out that ‘she could become a free person no matter what. what a day she wishes” and bravely stayed in the United States instead of returning to Germany (he did not explain why). Her toast ended with several “Free Anna!” chants, which were picked up by more than a few fans in the room.

Photo: Herald PR

Finally, the guest of honor made it to the video call, easily recognizable by her Celine glasses, yellow detention suit and blurred background. In a short interview conducted by a loud blonde woman who was not featured, Delvey told the crowd about the planning of the show and the use of dull rubber instruments available in prison to create the sketches.

Delvey’s talent has always included vague artistic aspirations. Much of the money she was eventually convicted of stealing was supposed to fund a “vibrant visual arts center” she called the Anna Delvey Foundation – which, of course, didn’t happen. never materialized. Apparently, that didn’t shake his confidence or his resolve. On Thursday, she said, “My Anna Delvey Foundation will definitely be realized.” Martine spoke highly of her work, recalling that it took “maybe five times longer” than she had originally told her she had to create the collection but “the work speaks for itself” . Still, her fans seemed less interested in the art than in Anna herself. At one point during the interview, someone in the back of the room shouted, “Anna, are you under Raya?”

Between logistical gaffes and deeply bizarre fangirling, the night was much like the anarchic existence described by Anna’s old acquaintances in New York, who watched the fake German heiress bounce from hotel to hotel with scruffy hair and clothes. sloppy creators. Public knowledge that Delvey is a fraud hasn’t stopped her from drawing a crowd or throwing a giant party at a hotel full of models in designer sunglasses. Even since ICE detention, Delvey has filled a room with well-dressed people transfixed by his every move.

Electric Shadow Company to Lead Ambitious List of UK Production Finance Company | Features Fri, 20 May 2022 05:04:23 +0000

Director John Jencks and producer Jay Taylor’s UK production and finance company, Electric Shadow Company, has an ambitious roster. Titles include the production of Rupert Sanders’ reimagining of James O’Barr’s comic The crowwith Bill Skarsgard and FKA Twigs — which FilmNation Entertainment is presenting to buyers at Cannes — plus a slew of projects in development, including zoo director Colin McIvor old wine.

Jencks (President) and Taylor (CEO) established Electric Shadow Company for 17 years. They met as teenagers, moving in the same social circles in West London. Jencks went to study film at the New York Film Academy, while Taylor produced the zeitgeisty Channel 4 music show popmonde, before moving on to feature films, working for The Weinstein Company and Working Title. Jencks returned from the United States and the couple reconnected and made a short film The vicious circle of success. In 2005 they formed their own team, Sane and Diddly, alongside producer Alexa Seligman (who later left the company in 2017), renamed Electric Shadow Company in 2008.

“We were pretty good at production, we had that experience. But the other side of the business, the marketing side, we weren’t particularly aware of,” says Taylor. They cut their teeth on a self-funded feature The foldwhich Jencks directed, before using gap funding to do Amy Heckerling’s 2012 horror comedy vampire. Features including The Saint, love me like you do and Swallows and Amazons monitoring.

Squaring the cube

The hippopotamus – based on Stephen Fry’s comic novel and starring Roger Allam – had the makings of the outfit’s breakthrough project, with UK distributor Metrodome attached, until, that is, distributor goes into administration, leaving Jencks and Taylor to release the feature themselves.

To continue bringing in money, the company launched J Cubed Film Finance, along with film financier Joe Simpson and a variety of senior lenders. Through this, Jencks and Taylor began providing feature films with gap financing. This model was a success, J Cubed closed more than 30 deals in the space of 18 months, for titles such as out of the blue, Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan and Akimbo Firearms. Through Electric Shadow Company, the duo also helped fund Philip Barantini’s recent Bafta contender. Boiling point.

But Electric Shadow Company had its own creative itch that required scratching. “We started thinking, ‘We’re doing all this work to get other people’s movies made, and we’re not doing anything ourselves,'” Jencks recalls. The company has therefore relaunched with renewed interest in internal development and is focusing on acquiring the UK rights to projects in which the company is involved. Two new hires were made to reflect the refresh of the company, taking the total number of time employees to six.

Isabel Freer is responsible for the development of all television and documentary feature films, and is also responsible for sourcing new intellectual properties to develop, finance and produce. Freer’s previous credits include as co-producer on Nick Hamm The tripand as an executive on The Uncertain Kingdom, a feature development fund launched by Jencks.

Kwesi Dickson joined as head of production finance, after working as a producer on MJ Bassett’s Thug and Magnus Martens SAS: Red noticeboth produced by the executives of Electric Shadow Company.

The crow is currently in pre-production, while old wine is being developed with Northern Ireland Screen. The family comedy, based on a true story, is set in 1842 in a remote Scottish village, where future prosperity rests on an old mare named Beeswing who won the Ascot race. Production on the feature film – co-written by Georgia Goggin, producer of Pretty red dress — should start at the end of the year.

Documentaries are another key focus, with two co-productions in the works with UK documentary company Rogan Productions, titled Original sin and Hollywood Project.

“I don’t think there’s just one type of Electric Shadow project,” says Jencks. “If it’s a project we’ve been involved with from the very beginning, it has to work on many levels. I don’t think we’d ever make a fast furious purely visceral film, but we would never make the most talkative French arthouse film either. The joy of cinema is that it offers a vast expanse of human experience.

🍼 Baby Formula Hero + Teacher puts a boy in a closet + Tree Crime Fri, 20 May 2022 02:40:00 +0000

babies need to eat, and Dr. Jessica Madden doesn’t just sit idly by and wring her hands. She rolled up her sleeves and did something to help. In Shaker Heights, a mother absolutely wouldn’t let a teacher off the hook put her boy in a closet. No sir! Would you believe a 200 year old tree could turn two people into convicted criminals? We have these stories and more.

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1) A local doctor creates a Cleveland-area formula swap to help moms in need

(Photo Shutterstock)

Dr Jessica Madden operates an infant formula exchange in the Cleveland area to help mothers in need. She is a pediatrician and lactation consultant at Primrose Newborn Care. While shopping recently, she noticed the bare shelves in the baby aisle.

  • “Uh, that’s a huge problem,” Madden said, then she started networking with friends.
  • Since Thursday, more than 300 cans of infant formula were collected and distributed.
  • If you have formula to donate, click here to fill out Madden’s form.
  • If you need a formula, fill out this form.

3WKYC News

  • Questions and answers about formula milk: Can parents prepare homemade formula safely? Is it OK to dilute the formula? Julie Washington tells parents what they need to know to safely navigate formula shortages (

2) A parent recorded a video at his child’s Shaker Heights school after hearing a teacher put his son in a closet as punishment. Christin Imani Mays walked into her son’s second grade classroom at Mercer Elementary School in Shaker Heights and asked the kids if the teacher made her son stand in the closet. The children answered in chorus: “yes, yes”.

  • “Sir, did you put my son in a closet?” Don’t lie to me.
  • The professor tried to defend himself. “He was making noise and he wouldn’t stop.”

See the video on Fox 8 News

(Photo courtesy of Metroparks)

3) A brother and sister in Strongsville who didn’t like a 200-year-old black walnut tree near their property now have criminal records for cutting down the large tree. The tree was on the Cleveland Metroparks Mill Stream Run Preserve, but Todd Jones, 57, and Laurel Hoffman, 54, told a logger the tree was on their property.

  • After having the black walnut tree felled, they sold the wood for $2,000. Metroparks estimated the value of the tree and the damage to the nearby area at over $128,000.
  • Jones and Hoffman were sentenced to six months in prison and ordered to pay $20,000 in restitution. The prison sentence was suspended.

4) A 74-year-old woman who owned a Strongsville adoption agency will spend three months in jail for lying to US and Polish authorities regarding the adoption of a 5-year-old girl from Poland, whose caregiver then violently raped her.

  • After spending time behind bars, Marguerite Colewhich owned European Adoption Consultants, will spend a year under house arrest and pay a $7,500 fine.
  • Cole apologized to the judge: “I’m really sorry for what happened, but I worked for 24 years to help 8,000 families. Children were the joy of my life.”

Lynne Komar

5) Mom disappeared in Parma: Police are looking for a 52-year-old woman who has been missing since Monday May 16. Lynne Komar is 5 feet, 9 inches tall and 130 pounds. She has shoulder-length blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a heart-shaped tattoo on her left wrist. Komar spoke with his adult son by phone on Monday. She has not been seen or heard from since.

Fox 8 News

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5 titles you need to see today

  • Cleveland Public Power for years would disconnect service for people who had not paid their bill and refused to tell them that they had the right to appeal under the law. Out of 80,000 customers, only one person had appealed. Now the power company is putting in place a legally required appeal process. (
  • Jarvis Landry turned down opportunity to return to Cleveland Browns (3News WKYC)
  • Cuyahoga County is asking for ideas for COVID-19 Memorial (
  • Medical Mutual appeals to Cleveland Clinic management become the new CEO (
  • José Ramirez of the Guardians directed for x-rays on right leg; Terry Francona miss Friday’s game against Detroit (

3 things to do

  • Catch “American Moor” at Karamu House. A black actor auditions for Othello and is challenged by the director, who is white. Shows are Friday, Saturday and Sunday and next weekend, May 27-29. Learn more at
  • A bubble dance party and other bubble-themed games, performances and entertainment will take place in Tower City on Saturday, May 21 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Learn more at (You had me at bubble dance party)
  • Tori Amos performs Sunday, May 22, 7 p.m., at the KeyBank State Theater. Since releasing her career-defining debut solo album, Little Earthquakes, and her #1 album Under The Pink, Tori Amos has been one of the music industry’s most enduring and resourceful artists. Buy your tickets here

It’s Edna. How to say no to these eyes?

Adopt from Cleveland area shelters: These local animals are looking for their forever homes. Meet Edna, Wickett, Abuela, Brando and more.

The time of the crime

  • Suspect convicted of incident with Jewish couple at Palestinian rally in Crocker Park (Cleveland 19 News)
  • Body recovered from Lake Erie near Vermilion (News 5 Cleveland WEWS)
  • Cleveland man arrested and charged with felony assault after allegedly attacking a man in central Ohio with a hatchet (WTAP)

Cleveland goes social

  • Here is an Instagram video of Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson sinking a putt in the Bahamas while traveling with his teammates. Hopefully he’s as accurate when throwing passes in the winter with the wind blowing off Lake Erie.
  • The Browns Instagram posted a throwback photo for #TDThursdays of the winner of Brian Sipe’s overtime game against the Chargers in 1983.
  • The Cleveland Zoo recently welcomed three mini Nubian goats to the Australian Zoo Adventure! They are easy to identify as Nigerian dwarf goats because of their long droopy ears! Check out the photos on Facebook
  • The Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame hosts a virtual interview at 7 p.m. Friday on YouTube with Michelle Phillips of Mamas & The Papas. The Rock Hall Director of Education will meet with Phillips to discuss his life and career, as well as his original works. Find out more via Facebook

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Yesterday is gone, yesterday is gone (but you can still read yesterday’s news): 🐴 Runaway Horse Buggy + Mason’s Creamery + Crisis Dogs + Sokolowski’s

Robin Dennis McMillen | Chief of Port Townsend Thu, 19 May 2022 17:36:51 +0000

Robin McMillen was known as a man of strong will and conviction. Admired by many and despised by some, he left a lasting mark on the hearts of those who knew him.

Born to Barbara Kay and Pete McMillen on January 9, 1951, the eldest of three boys. He grew up along the forests and lakes of Michigan, more at home in the wilderness. As a young man, he worked for Oldsmobile, just like his father, where he developed a keen eye for automobiles and learned to navigate his way through many engines. It’s always had a good ride, whether it’s a truck for work, a motorhome for the family, or a custom-painted Moto Guzzi.

Robin was an avid outdoorsman racing canoes. He had quite a few adventures boating and rowing the lakes of Michigan, then later along the coastal waters and rivers of Oregon and Washington. Like the Capricorn Sea Goat, he was equally at home on water as on land. He was also a craftsman and builder of several houses, often living in communities of like-minded people.

You could say he was part of the back-to-the-earth movement, but for him, it was his true nature to commune with the elements. As a member of Earth First! he met others who aligned themselves with his political views as a rebel and protector. He stood up for what he believed to be true, often without compromise, and exposed deception and distrust of government bodies of thought. Howard Zinn was one of his heroes. Later in life he called himself an iconoclast and had a rare perspective on history. His dry sense of humor was evident in his many Facebook posts as RawBean (otherwise known as Uncooked Lentil).

At the height of his career, he was a self-taught landscape architect with a unique style. Many of its ponds, patios, and rock faces are still found in Jefferson County. His appreciation of the beauty and love of women was a force of attraction in many relationships. He was blessed with two sons, Raven and Ariol, whom he loved very much. Raising her two sons had always been a source of joy and pleasure, taking them on adventures to barter fairs, pagan gatherings and, later, raves. A great lover of music and dancing, he often dressed as a wild man of the woods and conducted ceremonies at Celtic festivals. It was as if he carried the legends of the ancients and brought them to life for those who followed the same path.

The meaning of a robin bird is hope, renewal and rebirth. These traits came to his aid during the 13 years after Guillain-Barré syndrome left him paralyzed. His life was suddenly and irrevocably changed. Although he retained his quick wit and humor, it was his strength of will that allowed him to return home, bound to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Such a tragedy was also the testing ground for a soul that cherished its freedom above all else. He became dependent on the many caregivers who helped him regain some semblance of independence, tending his gardens, preparing his food, and all the many ways he received their care. A humbling experience that was not always greeted with grace for a man once so capable of being at the mercy of others. Equal measures of bravado and humility, though his pride never faded and his humor prevailed.

He was found on the morning of January 28, 2022, along with his beloved cats. He is survived by his brothers, Kevin and Kerry McMillen; mother-in-law, Sheila McMillen; sons, Raven and Ari McMillen; and many others who loved him.

A celebration of life will be held May 15, 2022 with family and friends at the Barter Circle Spring Gathering near Lake Leland at 260 Munn Road. Visit our kiosk and altar starting at noon. No charge for those coming just for the memorial (although financial support is always appreciated.) Join us in a circle around 4 p.m. to share words of tribute. Dress warmly for being outside, BYO food and drink, sacred intentions and a loving heart. For more information, contact Katy Morse at

American football equalizes salaries with women and men Wed, 18 May 2022 16:46:30 +0000

Football player Megan Rapinoe waves to the crowd during the second quarter of a WNBA basketball game between the Minnesota Lynx and the Seattle Storm on Friday, May 6, 2022 in Seattle.  Rapinoe's fiancée, Sue Bird, plays for the Storm.  (Jennifer Buchanan/The Seattle Times via AP)

Football player Megan Rapinoe waves to the crowd during the second quarter of a WNBA basketball game between the Minnesota Lynx and the Seattle Storm on Friday, May 6, 2022 in Seattle. Rapinoe’s fiancée, Sue Bird, plays for the Storm. (Jennifer Buchanan/The Seattle Times via AP)


The US Soccer Federation has reached landmark agreements to pay its men’s and women’s teams equally, making the US national governing body the first in the sport to promise both genders an equal amount.

The federation on Wednesday announced separate collective bargaining agreements until December 2028 with unions for the two national teams, ending years of often acrimonious negotiations.

The deals are partly due to a push from the most successful women’s team players, including stars like Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe, who were at the forefront of the fight for gender equality while leading the team to a Women’s World Cup championship in 2019. Wrestling has become such a part of the team’s history that chants of “Equal Pay!” Equal pay!” emerged from the crowd as the American players celebrated their victory in France.

Morgan and Rapinoe could still be beneficiaries of the deal, although the next Women’s World Cup will be in 2023 and the squad composition will have changed by then.

“I feel a lot of pride for the girls who are going to see this grow up and recognize their worth rather than having to fight for it. However, my dad always told me that you don’t get rewarded for doing what you’re supposed to. do – and pay men and women equally is what you’re supposed to do,” USA striker Margaret Purce said. “So I’m not giving gold stars, but I’m grateful for that. accomplishment and for all who have come together to make it happen.”

The men played under the terms of a CBA which expired in December 2018. The women’s CBA expired at the end of March, but talks continued after the federation and players agreed to settle a sex discrimination lawsuit filed by some of the 2019 players. The settlement depended on the federation reaching employment contracts equalizing salaries and bonuses between the two teams.

Perhaps the biggest sticking point was the World Cup prize money, which is based on a team’s progress through the tournament. While American women have succeeded on the international stage with back-to-back World Cup titles, FIFA prize money differences mean they have won significantly less than male winners. The Americans received a $110,000 bounty for winning the 2019 World Cup; the American men would have received $407,000 had they won in 2018.

The unions have agreed to pool FIFA payments for the Men’s World Cup later this year and the Women’s World Cup next year, as well as the 2026 and 2027 tournaments.

Each player will receive a corresponding game appearance fee, which the USSF says makes it the first federation to pool FIFA prizes in this way.

“We saw this as an opportunity, an opportunity to be leaders on this front and to join the women’s team and US Soccer, so we’re delighted to have been able to close the deal in this way,” Walker said. Zimmerman, a defenseman who is on the leadership group of the U.S. National Team Players Association.

The women’s union projections call for compensation for a contracted player to rise 34% from 2018 to this year, from $245,000 to $327,000. The 2023-28 average annual salary would be $450,000 for a player making all the rosters, with the possibility of doubling the figure in World Cup years depending on results.

The federation previously based bounties on payments from FIFA, which provided $400 million for the 2018 men’s tournament, including $38 million for the French champion, and $30 million for the 2019 women’s tournament, including $4 million for the United States champion.

FIFA has increased the total to $440 million for the 2022 Men’s World Cup, and its president, Gianni Infantino, has proposed that FIFA double the women’s prize money to $60 million for the 2023 Women’s World Cup, in which FIFA increased the number of teams to 32.

For current World Cup cycles, the USSF will pool funds from FIFA, taking 10% off the top, then splitting the rest equally among 46 players – 23 players on each team’s roster . For the 2026-27 cycle, the USSF reduction increases to 20% before the split.

After missing out on the 2018 World Cup, the men qualified for this year’s World Cup in Qatar from November. The women’s team will be looking to qualify for this year’s 2023 World Cup, co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand.

“There were times when I thought it was all going to fall apart and then it all fell back into place and it’s a real honor for all the different groups that have come together, negotiating at one table” , said the president of the federation, Cindy Parlow Cone, a former national team. player who became head of the governing body in 2020. “I think that’s where the turning point really happened. Before trying to negotiate a CBA with women and then turn around and negotiate the CBA conditions with the men and vice versa was really difficult, I think the real turning point was when we finally ended up all in the same room, sitting at the same table, working together and collaborating to achieve this goal. “

The women ended six years of equal pay litigation in February in an agreement asking the USSF to pay $24 million, a deal conditional on the conclusion of new collective agreements.

As part of the settlement, the players will split $22 million, about a third of what they had claimed in damages. The USSF also agreed to create a $2 million fund to benefit female players in their post-football careers and charitable efforts to grow the sport for women.


More AP soccer: and

Hilarious social media snaps capture questionable clothing designs, like a pre-stained shirt Wed, 18 May 2022 08:23:34 +0000

Call the fashion police! Buyers share highly questionable clothing designs including cowboy boot sandals and stained shirts BEFORE buying them

  • People shared the bizarre clothing designs from around the world
  • In a gallery for 365Economist, images show examples of questionable styling
  • Items include a pair of open-toe cowboy sandals and a hoodie with Mickey Mouse’s face appearing to hide where the sun doesn’t shine

Digging into an old clothing design in an effort to offer a new look doesn’t always go as planned.

In a gallery for 365Economistpeople all over the world have shared examples of clothes so bizarre you might wonder how they even managed to end up in stores.

Among the sartorial sins that feature are a pre-dyed white shirt — with flecks of yellow — and sandals made from cowboy boots.

Elsewhere, a t-shirt has its women’s empowerment slogan actually read “I will give up” after the manufacture crossed out the word “never”.

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the designs that should have ended up in the trash…

Not a boot, not a sandal: In a gallery for 365Economist, people from around the world shared examples of items so bizarre you’d wonder how they even got to stores – including cowboy sandals.

Design Bum: The creator of this design had no idea what Mickey Mouse would look like if the wearer tied it around their waist.

Design Bum: The creator of this design had no idea what Mickey Mouse would look like if the wearer tied it around their waist.

The Proud Dad Award goes to!  This man from the United States received a matching personalized t-shirt and shorts with his baby's face printed on them

The Proud Dad Award goes to! This man from the United States received a matching personalized t-shirt and shorts with his baby’s face printed on them

Another clothing design disaster shows a pre-dyed yellow white shirt for sale in an American least you don't worry about spills

Another clothing design disaster shows a pre-dyed yellow white shirt for sale in an American store…at least you don’t worry about spills

Elsewhere, a t-shirt is so poorly designed that its women's empowerment slogan reads

Elsewhere, a t-shirt is so poorly designed that its women’s empowerment slogan reads ‘I will give up’ – after manufacturing crossed out the word ‘never’

Would you wear them?  These Dukes of Hazzard Daisy Duke denim shorts come with removable cut out leg warmers.

Would you wear them? These Dukes of Hazzard Daisy Duke denim shorts come with removable cut out leg warmers.

Mixed messages: In the US, a sweater meant to convey an uplifting message about 'believing in yourself' didn't quite hit the mark

Mixed messages: In the US, a sweater meant to convey an uplifting message about ‘believing in yourself’ didn’t quite hit the mark

Whoops !  This designer's intention was simply to convey a cute and friendly hello with a smiling emoji instead of the

Whoops ! This designer’s intention was simply to convey a cute and friendly hello with a smiling emoji in place of the “o”…but it has a darker message if you just read the letters

Shorts with a wide belt?  Or a sweater that doesn't cover much?  A factory error arrives on the shelves...

Shorts with a wide belt? Or a sweater that doesn’t cover much? A factory error arrives on the shelves…

Want some nuts?  This cute little squirrel is unfortunately placed...although it was an accident or a deliberate act is unclear

Want some nuts? This cute little squirrel is unfortunately placed…although it was an accident or a deliberate act is unclear

Well, that's embarrassing!  This t-shirt has little beads embroidered on it, which in theory would be cute until you put a hoodie on it.

Well, that’s embarrassing! This t-shirt has little beads embroidered on it, which in theory would be cute until you put a hoodie on it.

As if we thought Crocs couldn't get any worse, this guy comes in a version decorated with metal spikes and chains

As if we thought Crocs couldn’t get any worse, this guy comes in a version decorated with metal spikes and chains

Something to wear only when it rains!  This unfortunate design somehow passed all proofreading checks

Something to wear only when it rains! This unfortunate design somehow passed all proofreading checks

Made for walking...both ways: These shoes were designed for people who don't know if they are coming or going.

Made for walking…both ways: These shoes were designed for people who don’t know if they are coming or going.

Winner of the most useless zip on a t-shirt!  This design feature serves no purpose...

Winner of the most useless zip on a t-shirt! This design feature serves no purpose…

Fashion inspiration and trendy outfit ideas to wear to the office this summer | Glamorous lab Tue, 17 May 2022 18:30:40 +0000 BROOKLYN, New York – Having trouble figuring out what to wear to the office? Same. After more than two years of leggings, no shoes and “zoom tops”, the idea of ​​wearing heels and professional attire is daunting.

It’s time for a new work wardrobe that’s comfortable, stylish and professional.

So, I turned to my friends at Rent The Runway to get an idea of ​​the trends for the summer months.

Blaire Walsh, Style Director at Rent The Runway, broke it all down.

“The main trends we see in the office environment are colorful suits, trench dresses, printed midi skirts, the new wrap dress and the reimagined floral top,” Walsh said.

Another trend she sees is colorful heels and denim coming back to the office, especially high-waisted, wide-leg jeans.

“Renting is a sustainable and fashionable way to dress these days,” Walsh said. “Women have access to the ultimate designer wardrobe with Rent the Runway and you don’t have to commit to this trendy piece.” And I completely agree.

Rent The Runway is the perfect way to try out the latest trend, show off an exclusive designer piece (from a list of hundreds of designers) or even try out a bold color for a fair price (check out their plan options).

However, you still need a few essential pieces in your wardrobe, so here is a list to start your work wardrobe.

1. A black trench dress
This sleeveless will keep you cool and comfortable while looking stylish and professional. The belt helps sync your waist for a flattering look and it even has pockets!

2. An oversized white blazer
Versatile to enhance any outfit. This single-breasted design is perfect for layering over a dress or wearing with jeans!

3. A golden link necklace
No more stacking or untangling…this necklace combines delicacy and boldness in one trendy necklace to complete any outfit!

4. 90s-style high-waisted high-waisted jeans
They’ve made a comeback and seem to be universally flattering, especially with a nipped-waist look. They are a darker blue to maintain a more professional look in the office. Pro tip: Stay away from ripped jeans and lightly washed looks.

5. A pair of no-frills black jeans
Turn a sleeveless top and heeled sandals into a cool and comfortable office look. This slim, wide leg pair will also come in handy when transitioning into the colder months.

6. Fun Colorful Heels
These braided heeled sandals are sleek, stylish, and most importantly, comfortable with a block heel. Go for a fun pop of color like this lavender pair or check out their variety of neutral options.

7. A handbag that doubles as an accessory
This mini clutch has a chain strap that looks like a bracelet. When commuting, there’s a shoulder strap to keep your hands free for coffee!

8. White Button Down Long Sleeve Shirt
Does it get more classic? This satin material makes it easy to tuck in or tie and pair with pants or a skirt.

Follow Jo on Instagram for a behind-the-scenes look and watch Glam Lab weekly for more beauty tips, tricks and trends!

Aviva’s Raj Kumar explains why simplicity equals freedom Tue, 17 May 2022 14:06:29 +0000

It may seem counter-intuitive, but achieving simplicity is often one of the most difficult tasks within a business.

To achieve this, however, the goal must be to simplify things for the customer, not the business, according to outgoing Aviva Group brand and reputation director Raj Kumar.

Speaking today (May 17) at Advertising Week Europe, Kumar pointed out that teams often complete projects because the outcome will be easier for the business, rather than maximized for the client. He explained that businesses are largely designed to be efficient in silos, whereas the key to simplicity requires bringing different silos together.

“It’s not a simple task, but simplicity for me as a leader is about allowing and removing roadblocks to keep the team focused on what we’re trying to accomplish. It’s about pushing back those favorite projects that very senior leaders often tend to pitch to you, so we keep an eye on the prize,” he added.

Describing simplicity as the absence of chaos, Kumar also noted that cutting unnecessary red tape removes bureaucracy that people often rely on in business to demonstrate their expertise.

Although it is a large organization covering savings, investments and insurance, Aviva’s goal is to use the brand’s purpose – “It takes Aviva” – to guide the strategy.

We know from science and research that consumers are overwhelmed with too many choices. So let’s make it simple for them.

Lorraine Barber-Miller, Philips

Kumar describes this positioning as a simple way to articulate the brand promise, which is understood by everyone in the company.

“Internally, it’s up to all of us to say, ‘It takes all of Aviva to do something.’ Each of us has a role to play in this. So internally, externally, in society. It’s a very simple articulation that allows people to understand who we are and what is expected of us,” he explained.

The brand promise is the “guiding star” behind how product development is prioritized, which customers are targeted, and where to increase marketing support. Kumar explained that he also holds the team accountable, noting that the brand is working hard to improve every day.

From a customer perspective, Aviva has seen a strong correlation between improved simplicity and higher NPS scores, a meaningful metric for the board and management team. Marketers also look at customer effort, satisfaction and time to resolve issues, Kumar added.

When it comes to simplicity, Lorraine Barber-Miller, director of marketing and e-commerce at Philips, takes inspiration from iconic fashion designer Coco Chanel.

Aviva relaunch seeks to ‘arm’ the brand’s emotional power

“I have long admired Coco Chanel for simplifying fashion in such an elegant way with the Chanel suit and popularizing the little black dress and pants for women,” she said.

“The brand remains true to its DNA and its values. We all know that the experience is very characteristic of Chanel and it is the hallmark of the brand.

Back at Philips, the company worked hard to “align” roles and responsibilities across the marketing function. Barber-Miller explained that Philips has redesigned the whole way it works from start to finish, often making “intentional and difficult decisions”.

“Namely, shifting investments and focusing our work on fewer and better activities, which has resulted in a significant reduction in what we call non-integrated, product-driven planning and redundant activations,” a- she declared.

Driven by the “less, more, better” mantra, there has been a push across the business to focus on simplifying innovation, solutions and customer engagement. That being said, Barber-Miller recognized that it’s possible to oversimplify to the point where a brand isn’t clear about its value proposition or how it differentiates itself in the marketplace. Focusing on customer needs keeps teams on track.

“I would say don’t be afraid to reduce and simplify,” she added. “Thanks to science and research, we know that consumers are overwhelmed with too many choices. So let’s simplify them so that they truly deliver on that commitment and that promise.

Intrinsically simple

For Giffgaff CMO Sophie Wheater, the most beautiful, elegant and simple experiences are those that people find almost innate. While from a manufacturer’s perspective, simplicity can be hard to achieve, Wheater encourages its team to strive to deliver beautiful experiences that are simple and easy for customers.

Since Giffgaff launched with a promise to improve mobile – without contracts, call centers and stores – as the company grew, the team prioritized keeping of this same level of simplicity.

“We are accountable to our community on a daily basis. It has been very difficult to ensure that we have maintained this ease and simplicity in our products, throughout our experiences as we have grown. It’s something we care about across the business and it’s certainly not just in marketing and branding,” she explained.

I see so often that where we compromise, we drive complexity.

Sophie Wheater, Giffgaff

Wheater described an “implicit understanding” within the company of the importance of simplicity. A popular expression within Giffgaff is “It’s just not very Giffgaff”, meaning that an experience or product is not straightforward or straightforward. As the wider world becomes increasingly confusing and complex, marketers are focused on creating “human” experiences for the Giffgaff community.

To accomplish this mission, marketing works closely with the technical team. Wheater speaks regularly with the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Product Officer, as well as the technology developers, to ensure the drive for simplicity is understood at all levels.

“Steve, our CTO, and I will have joint meetings about how brand and technology are truly forging together in our world. I’m as challenged by our technical colleagues as I am by anyone else in our company as to what exactly we intend to do as a brand in a product or experience that we develop,” Wheater explained.

She advises companies to go back to their roots and decide what they stand for, cutting out anything that seems unnecessary. It’s a job as much for sales, finance, data science and technical teams as it is for marketers.

Second, from a development perspective, it’s essential that technical teams have the ability to build “without compromise”.

“I see so often that where we compromise, we drive complexity,” Wheater added. “The cleaner the codebase that techs have to work from, the easier it is for them to start building these really beautiful, easy, and simple experiences for people.”

24 Best Bridesmaid Gift Ideas Your Wedding Party Will Love Tue, 17 May 2022 01:51:00 +0000

Beyond the person you’re marrying, your bridesmaids are the most crucial part of your wedding day. They’ll be there for emotional support, physical support (hey, someone has to help you put on and take off that dress and shoes), and financial support, because in between all those trips and outfit changes, being a bridesmaid honor can add up quickly.

Show your deepest love and appreciation for your tribe of brides this wedding season with these thoughtful bridesmaid gifts from Etsy that will help them consider your wedding day one of the most important days of their lives. life.

bridesmaid gift boxes

From $39 on Etsy

Feel free to gift your bridesmaids with this complete set of personal care essentials, which includes a personalized gift box, monogrammed compact mirror, lip balm, sunglasses, ring dish, hair ties, and more. Choose your favorite color and message to really impress her.

$15.95 on Etsy

Grace Bloom Co. Mini Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Box

With a burn time of 20 hours, these small but mighty candles with festive scents like wedding cake and bridal bouquet are the cutest addition to this mini gift set. You can customize the title of each candle, from bridesmaid to bridesmaid, and each box includes a lip balm and free wrapping in a rustic twine ribbon.

$27 From $24.30 on Etsy

Gardenias Bridesmaid Faded Gift Set

As the ultimate bridesmaid proposal gift, this box in the color of your choice comes with everything she’ll need to feel special: a 20-ounce tumbler, a diamond pen, a scrunchie, a compact mirror, a “bride tribe” lip balm, a personalized ring dish and more.

From $13.95 on Etsy

Affinity Treasures Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Customize every facet of this epic gift set, from the stunning floral font to the style and size of the box (which they’re sure to want to keep). Dazzle your BFFs with the Premium Box containing the essentials, such as a journal, bath salts, rose water roll-on, makeup bag, hand sanitizer and a keychain.

bridesmaid jewelry gifts

From $4.99 on Etsy

Personalized Majesty Gift Ship Bridesmaid Bracelet

This bridesmaid gift has it all: an incredible pun, a single minimalist monogram, and a chic bow designed to symbolize all the love in the air. Choose your strap color from rose gold to silver and an optional box in cool hues like gold, teal or purple.

From $10.80 on Etsy

Pearl Land 88 Personalized Earrings

Your bridesmaids are going to need something glitzy to go with their dress – make it a thoughtful keepsake they’ll treasure beyond the big day. Each pair of earrings is available in your choice of style, from pear to heart, and your favorite chic finish like white or yellow gold, with optional engraving on the back.

$17 on Etsy

Essenza Jewelry Tie the Knot Hoop Earrings

For a bridesmaid gift they’ll be thrilled to wear both at the reception and every day of their life, opt for these stylish tarnish-resistant 18k gold-plated hoop earrings. The “tie the knot” bag paired with the knotted design makes the earrings totally on mark for the special day.

$27 From $16.20 on Etsy

CBK name necklace in silver and gold with birth flower

There’s nothing more thoughtful than this one-of-a-kind necklace featuring their name in cursive and their birth flower like carnation or chrysanthemum, all on a delicate chain available in a range of lengths.

$14 $12.60 on Etsy

JJ Bridal Collection Gold Spike Bracelet

With a sweet note, this elegant adjustable bracelet with a wave arrangement of pearls and cubic zirconia is a great bet for any bridesmaid. Choose the perfect saying to complete your friendship, from “Thank you for being by my side on my special day” to “I’m such a lucky bride to have you by my side.”

Bridesmaid gifts for the home

From $5.99 on Etsy

Paperwhite Candles Bridesmaid Candle

Light the flame of your friendship with this keepsake candle. It comes in a variety of label colors, scents (wedding cake and “love is in the air” are especially featured for the occasion), and it’s completed with your friend’s name and the title of the wedding party.

$9.49 From $5.73 on Etsy

Ainne Studio Custom Wedding Print

Solidify that special moment with a cute digital sketch of the two of you that they’ll want to show off for years to come. Customize every element, from your dresses to skin tone to hairstyle and more. You might find that choosing the perfect shot is as much fun as getting ready for the wedding reception itself.

$7 From $6.30 on Etsy

Peshtemal Towel Turkish Personalized Beach Towel

A bridesmaid gift that they will use regularly? It’s a real treat. Opt for this super soft and absorbent personalized Turkish cotton beach towel to get them ready for summer, your bachelorette party, or wherever the beach season takes them. Play around with fonts and add-ons to make it the perfect gift.

$9.39 From $7.98 on Etsy

Bnny Crafts Personalized Slim Tumbler

True friends make sure we always stay hydrated. Help them look forward to their eight drinks a day with this personalized 20 ounce tumbler available in a range of cute colors like peach, rose gold and navy. Its double-walled stainless steel construction ensures drinks stay cold or piping hot for several hours at a time.

$19.99 From $16.99 on Etsy

Glacelis Gifts Personalized Team Bride Wall Art

One of the beauties of being a bridesmaid is the friendships we make along the way. Commemorate your shared bond with this group photo featuring the bride and her team in their unique skin tones, hairstyles and outfits.

bridesmaid fashion gifts

$22 From $16.50 on Etsy

Satin wedding dress La Mariee New York

It’s not a good bridesmaid photoshoot until you’re all dressed in matching silky dresses. This stunning version with lace detailing is available in gorgeous bridal-friendly shades like blush, soft mauve and baby blue with optional personalization to make the gift even more precious.

$17.49 From $13.99 on Etsy

Women's Hundred Hearts Personalized Slippers

At the end of a long night of dancing, have your bridesmaids slip into something cozier like these personalized open-toe slippers. Choose between sparkly fonts for their name or wedding party title, and pick a color to match their personality, whether it’s rainbow or sage.

$4.99 $3.99 on Etsy

Divine Party Gifts Silky Satin Scrunchies

Hair ties are always useful, but somehow they are always the first to go. These silky scrunchies with a fun pun on the label are the ultimate sanity saver during long dance nights when hair just needs to stay out of your face.

$34.99 From $31.49 on Etsy

Southern My Sass Monogram Bridesmaid Sweater

Whether in the heart of winter or on a cold summer evening, the weather is always sunny. Recruit your bridesmaids to the club with this cozy full-zip hoodie featuring an elegant monogram. Its cozy fleece material and soft color options like misty blue and dusty pink are sure to make it a permanent fixture in their wardrobe.

$39.99 From $19.99 on Etsy

Your Lovely Shop Design Custom Swimsuit

Let others at the pool party know that your crew is here to have a good time – and a good time means matching up with your favorite people. This one piece swimsuit comes in a variety of color options and fonts that make a serious statement and look great in photos.

bridesmaid beauty gifts

From $2.49 on Etsy

Celestialities Bridesmaid Lip Balm

If love is in the air, your bridesmaids’ lips could use a little TLC. Treat them to this bohemian lip balm available in several delicious flavors from raspberry lemonade to strawberries and cream with your favorite floral design and a personalized message.

From $25 on Etsy

Lather Nature Bridesmaid Set

If you can’t get every bridesmaid to the spa, bring it to them. This self-care kit includes handmade soaps, sea salt baths, clay face masks, and everything they’ll need to prepare for their close-up.

$8.92 on Etsy

Letteroom Monogram Nail Polish

Nail it in the gift aisle this wedding season with the ultimate beauty essential for your bridesmaids. Choose between nine versatile nail polish colors like nude and dark red, with a large metallic foil monogram of their initial on the front.

From $9 on Etsy

Saylor Scents Perfume Bridesmaid Gift

Smell is one of the five senses most closely tied to memory, so make sure your bridesmaids remember this night forever with a special scent. Choose between bright, invigorating scents like Orchid and Juniper, all made with raw essential oils. The fragrance comes in a keepsake bottle that they will fill for years.

From $35 on Etsy

Flower City Letters Engraved Lipstick

Now it’s something they’ve never seen before: a lipstick with hand-engraved calligraphy. Simply choose your own lipstick (whether it’s a drug store or a luxury brand like Chanel or Tom Ford), send it to the Etsy store, and they’ll engrave the bottle with your bridesmaid’s name or the wedding party title.

Woman on TikTok makes dress from birth control fact sheet Mon, 16 May 2022 19:52:04 +0000

A woman on TikTok has gone viral after making and modeling a dress constructed from a single birth control fact sheet.

TikTok user Sienna Quast – who uses the @siennaquast handle on the platform – showed off her creation in a brief video. The dress features a chic halter top and flared bottom; it appears to be held together with tape.

instead of showing it Project track look worthy (really, it’s the epitome of an unconventional materials challenge winner) on an actual track, Quast delivered some Model– Dignified poses. She composed the soundtrack for Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” video.

Check out her look below:

Quast’s TikTok has gone absolutely viral on the app. At the time of publication, it has been viewed over 2.9 million times. Over 570,000 people liked the clip and it received thousands of comments.

Although she didn’t originally caption the video, Quast did share some info in the comments section. The designer said she was “emotionally drained” from discussions of abortion politics.

“[It’s] a very real and important question, but [I’m] do not [A]merican,” she added. “And be exposed to the news everywhere [I] turning doesn’t help anyone.”

Although Quast apparently steered clear of political commentary, others had a lot to say about the fashionable look.

“Now that would make a statement in a bar,” one viewer wrote. Quast vocally agreed. “Wait, I love that idea,” she replied in all caps.

“Do not give [Balenciaga] ideas,” someone joked.

“I love it,” exclaimed another. “This is camp.”

“Another day, another PERIODDDD massacre,” someone commented.

“Make dab earrings to really add *pizzaz*,” another recommended.

Some people also scoffed at the absurdity of the fact sheet being so extensive.

“‘How do people still get pregnant with birth control?’ *instructions telling you not to eat kiwifruit on rainy days*,” another joked.

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