Detroit 6th Precinct Police reopen community closet for those in need

The Detroit Police Department is relaunching a program to help the citizens of the western part of the city.

“We are standing inside what was once a prison cell,” said Rudy Harper, second deputy head of the DPD. “It has been turned into a community closet.”

The community closet in the 6th arrondissement is now open after being closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But the ministry needs your help to come to the aid of those in need.

“We were trying to find a better way to use this space and serve the community in a great way and we came up with the idea for the community closet,” said Sgt William O’Brien.

Detroiter LuWanda Williamson discovered it firsthand after moving from a shelter to her home.

It was at this point that Williamson said officers from the community closet contacted her.

“(They asked) ‘Do you need things like blankets, tissues, soap towels?’” She said.

This was exactly what Williamson needed to allow the limited funds from his paycheck to go towards paying the rent.

“So I came here and I was ready for two or three months with tissues, paper napkins,” Williamson said.

Take a look inside the community closet inside what was once a holding cell.

The closet also includes coats, hats, work clothes for men and women for job interviews or children’s toys and baby diapers

The Community Closet is located at the Police Station at 11450 Warwick in Plymouth Road and is for all residents of Detroit, made possible through donations.

“Here we have our pantry,” said O’Brien. “The majority of the food comes from community members who come to the police station and show up at the door saying I have food that I want to donate to Community Closet.”

Indeed, donations of all kinds help keep this community closet moving and you can also offer financial support.

To find out how to donate or receive assistance, call the 6th arrondissement at 313-596-5600 or visit Facebook page HERE.

“Everything is here. Everything you need anytime, everything you need, the 6th arrondissement certainly has it,” said Williamson.

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