Designer shuns the fast-paced fashion industry to create sustainable clothing in her Preston attic

Wild Strings parts are made from used materials Pic: Wild Strings

Preston designer Eleanor Bradley is on a mission to inspire people to make more sustainable fashion choices.


Eleanor is the owner of Wild Strings, a trendy clothing line that features unique pieces made from second-hand materials. She runs the brand from her attic at her home in downtown Preston.

Growing up with a passion for textiles, Eleanor moved to Preston from West Yorkshire in 2014 to follow her dreams and study fashion at UCLan. However, a year working at a fast fashion company as part of her degree made Eleanor see the industry in a different light.

Eleanor bradley
Eleanor has always been fascinated by textiles and fashion

“It was an amazing experience and I learned a lot about how the fashion industry works, in both bad and good ways,” said Eleanor.

“My stint in the fast fashion business opened my eyes to the problems in the industry; unrealistic lead times, a heavy reliance on plastic-based and virgin materials, and a ridiculously low cost of clothing.

“I really didn’t want to go back into this side of the industry and instead decided to go into building my own brand, which focused on slow fashion adoption and slowing our consumption of clothing. clothes. “

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Eleanor officially launched Wild Strings in June 2019, although she had been working on the brand since graduating in the summer of 2018.

She said: “It was always my long term plan to run my own business and once I graduated I decided it was a great time to give it a try.

“I also enjoy sewing and designing equally, and there aren’t a lot of opportunities to have both roles in the fashion industry.”

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Eleanor creates her Wild Strings clothing and accessories using second-hand materials including unwanted curtains, duvet covers and jeans, which means each piece is unique.

“My philosophy is to create clothes that we can connect with,” Eleanor said. “I create beautiful clothes from second-hand materials so that women can confidently show their personality while taking care of the planet.

“I am inspired by the second-hand fabrics I get; each piece has so much history, and I love to create new pieces from them to continue the story. I also love going out into nature, and Mother Nature is an inspiration for me to keep doing better and creating better to protect her.

Dress Wild Strings Pic: Wild Strings
Eleanor’s creations are inspired by nature Pic: Wild Strings

Eleanor hopes she can encourage others to switch up fashion and says she’s already seeing a difference in shopping habits.

“I think we should all be doing a little more to make the planet a better place, and I really think the lockdown has made people more aware of what and how much to buy.

“My goal is to ensure that Wild Strings can continue to be a destination for recycled fashion, and I would love to continue welcoming new customers to the slow fashion community.

“I want the company to be an inspiration to others to show that fast fashion isn’t the only option.”

To learn more, visit Wild Strings website or follow @wearwildstrings on Instagram.

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