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Cut-out dresses exploded onto the market a few seasons ago, and it seems we haven’t looked back since. If I had to guess, I’d say the reason is that there’s just nothing not to like about them. Their peek-a-boo effect offers a slight touch of sexiness to any ensemble, you can find a style that fits virtually any season (i.e. a long sleeve sweater dress for women) winter, versus a lighter, mesh-panelled style for summer), and they make your basic LBD (or any monotonous style) even more interesting.

As parts of the world approach warmer temperatures on the heels of spring and with the release of HBO’s second season Euphoria in which the character Maddie Perez opens the first episode in a stunning black cut-out mini dress (according to e-commerce fashion aggregator Love The Sales, the show caused an 890% increase in searches for “black cut-out dresses” ), it seems that the craze for the style is, once again, peaking. Of course, if you’re looking for one to add to your wardrobe and want to come across a plethora of styles at affordable prices, you’ll want to start with Amazon. I did (unsurprisingly), and left some of the cutest styles I found below.

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