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Idina Menzel steps into a new role. The Broadway and movie icon may live forever in our hearts as Badis Elphaba and Frozenis Elsa, but she is inspired by these two adventurous characters and embarks on a new adventure, this time as a fashion designer. Menzel launches Encore by Idina Menzel, a size-inclusive clothing line that’s available – starting today! — exclusively from QVC.

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As Menzel tells SheKnows exclusively, the idea for the collection started as a sketch on a napkin for what’s now called the Swing Romper – a super versatile, go-anywhere wardrobe staple named after theater artists who study multiple roles. “I never saw myself as a designer, or a real fashionable person outside of suits and red carpets,” she says, admitting, “I get overwhelmed with my wardrobe sometimes.” The idea of ​​a comfortable yet stylish one-piece that could literally take her from bed to her 12-year-old son’s school to an evening event was appealing – and the rest of the collection evolved from there.

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Encore by Idina Menzel – Swing Playsuit

Idina Menzel wearing the Swing Encore by Idina Menzel jumpsuit

Encore by Idina Menzel Soft French Terry Hooded Jumpsuit


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The inclusion of size was a must from the start. Encore items are available in small and regular sizes ranging from XXS to 3X. “I want everyone to feel like there’s a place for them,” Menzel explains. “I can’t tell you how many times I showed up for a photoshoot [where] I told them my actual sizes, and there’s a size sample sitting there that I have to squeeze in, that they have to add on a whole panel in the back, and then they put the camera in front of your face and you’re supposed to feel good, feel beautiful?

With that in mind, she designed Encore’s pieces for all body types, and with thought behind things like how armholes fit and whether a v-back allows for a bra strap. to stay hidden. “I have a bust and I hate that my bra straps are always showing,” she explains. “And I’m not so much in my arms these days, so [sleeves] are not going to be tight. But then I thought, ‘Okay, this line can’t be just for you and all your insecurities.’ So I asked my friends, and knowing their different body types and what they like, what they need, and colors and stuff like that, it was really fun.

Menzel may not consider herself a fashionable person, but she exudes a comfortable, cool style that is the backbone of Encore. At the line’s launch event, she debuted another romper from the line — this one sleeveless, with the v-back compatible with the aforementioned bra — paired with the matching Call-Time cardigan. and a pair of high-heeled boots. But it’s just as comfortable, and maybe even more, which gives it a more street-style edge.

Encore by Idina Menzel – Call-Time Cardigan

Idina Menzel in Encore by Idina Menzel cardigan Call-Time

Encore by Idina Menzel Lightweight Fleece Open Front Cardigan


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“My mom’s style is, like, one of those rompers and my son’s Air Jordans or my Doc Martens and a denim jacket,” she says, adding that now that she lives in LA, she mixes her tough girl style with a more laid back style. , beach atmosphere. “I hope,” she says, “the whole line is the culmination of those two sensibilities.”

Stylish yet comfortable staples that can be dressed up or down with a touch of ruggedness or a hint of coastal granny? It sounds a lot like a style sensibility we can get — and a recipe for the kind of wardrobe longevity that, frankly, mirrors Menzel’s own stamina.

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