Adequate training, handling the needs of today’s SHGs: Samoon

The Principal Secretary of the Skills Development Department (SDD), Dr Asgar Hassan Samoon, remarked today that proper training and onboarding of SHGs is an urgent need to make them profitable and for the added value of their business units.
The principal secretary made the comments while chairing a meeting to review progress in formulating a plan for vocational training for members of SHGs through polytechnic colleges and ITIs in Jammu and Kashmir.
The meeting was attended by Mission Director, Rural Livelihoods Mission (RLM), Dr. Syed Sehrish Asgar; National Skill Development Corporation State Commitment Officer, RLM Officers, SDD and other relevant officials.
Speaking at the meeting, Dr Samoon stressed to the officers that SHG members needed good grip and skills to make them more profitable, in addition to helping them compete with modern trends in today’s fast-paced world.
The Principal Secretary pointed out that SHG members should be equipped with skills of all kinds of advanced technologies in fashion design, tailoring, cosmetology, fruit processing and other trades so that they are not face no hurdles while running their business units in any part of Jammu and Kashmir.
While reviewing the plan for training members of SHGs through SDD, Dr. Samoon instructed officers that on a pilot basis, a group of 3000 female members of different SHGs from all districts of Jammu and Cashmere will be trained and qualified by the department in trades that are relevant to their businesses.
He directed the MD, RLM to work in convergence with the SDD and create a batch of SHG members who relate to the trades and courses taught by the SDD from different ITIs.
The Principal Secretary also requested from the officers that the possibility of hiring the ITI graduates of different trades and courses also be considered for proper uptake and training of these SHG members.
Speaking at the meeting, Dr Sehrish Asgar informed the Principal Secretary that the RLM has established a group of around 3000 women who work in businesses such as fashion design, garment making, tailoring technology , fruit and vegetable processing, basic cosmetology, Urdu calligraphy, beekeeping, wood carving, shawl making, etc. and need appropriate skills to increase the value of their business units.
The Mission Director further informed the Principal Secretary that the RLM has been successful in facilitating the access of SHGs to various financial institutions for loans, which is important for establishing their livelihoods.

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