A wedding without traditional dress

When great people founder Sarah Edwards and Tony Opse, an IT professional at Xcel Energy, got engaged in the fall of 2020, they knew right away they didn’t want a traditional marriage. “I wanted to make sure I focused more on the person and the relationship and less on the marriage,” she says. “Initially, we were supposed to go to the courthouse and call it a day, but then Tony, Mr. Hates Attention, was like, no, I’d really like to have a party.”

The couple planned their perfect blend of intimate and inclusive – a small wedding at the courthouse on a Thursday last September, followed by a party at Brick x Mortar with 80 of their closest friends and members of their family the next day. But that doesn’t mean the wedding was a low-key affair or that Edwards’ deep love for fashion didn’t shine through. She asked Rammy Mohamed, a local designer who happens to be a close friend (and has plenty of experience designing gorgeous dresses for all occasions), to create a few designs that were a far cry from ready-made white dresses. ‘use. Let’s break down the looks.


Edwards’ long bell-sleeved formal dress was what she wanted to approximate a conventional dress, but, of course, it had its own twist. “I went to SR Harris alone, and when I saw this fabric, it jumped out at me, not even really knowing what it was,” she says. “I took it to Rammy, and instantly she started draping it over her model. And it fit perfectly. Edwards paired the dress with a chunky Chanel belt she found at the June resale. , which she then transformed into a necklace for her third and final look.

The Showstopper

The ethereal tulle-skirt and corset dress that Edwards wore to (most of) their reception was painstakingly complex to create, but well worth it in the end. “I had over 200 yards of tulle, cut most of it into credit card sized pieces, and pinched them one by one to create this triangular shape and sewed them together” , Mohamed (far left in this photo) says of the skirt. and train. “I probably made 4,000 to 5,000 of these parts.”


“I like to dance,” Edwards says. “I wanted to dance, but I knew I couldn’t in a big dress.” So when it was time for the party, she donned a short dress with cutouts, a ribbon tie in the back and dramatic puff sleeves. Mohamed used the floral fabric to layer the boots Edwards already owned, ensuring the whole look was cohesive and fun. “I love that the current trend encourages brides to be who they are,” adds Mohamed. “I really connect with that. Your personality can really show on your wedding day this way.

February 23, 2022


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