Monthly Archives: March 2021

Why the BTR sector is still a banker | Overview

But considering all of this, as a lender, we are still a big fan of Build-To-Rent (BTR) development. So many fundamental measures – even after Brexit, during Covid and a global recession – will be convincing for years to come. It helps that development loans are in Investec’s DNA. We’ve …

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Simple ways to save money on higher education

When you hear that student loan debt has hit $ 1.7 trillion across the country, it’s easy to forget the real people who face this burden every day of their lives. Many borrowers have monthly payments that they can easily afford, but others have so much debt that they are …

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Tips for bidding and winning, agents say

When you are to bid on a house In a super competitive housing market (like the one we find ourselves in today!), it can feel like a participant in a game show, and that’s in funny terms. Truth be told, submitting an offer (and waiting to see if it’s been …

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