15 closet storage ideas and closet organizers

You probably need a few closet storage ideas if, like us, you splurged during the January sales and bought way more clothes and accessories than your wardrobe has room for. And if the thought of sifting through your belongings, separating them into piles to keep and give away, then scares you closet organizers will be your saving grace.

Did you know that despite owning what appears to be all of the content of ASOS and Net-A-Porter combined, you probably only wear about 20% of your wardrobe on a regular basis? We all have our favorite capsule wardrobe pieces – with staples such as blazers, white tees, jeans, boots and trainers on top – but that leaves us wondering: why do we keep the rest if we don’t? ever wear it? We bet it’s because if you took a step back and looked at your collection, you’d notice that you can only really see a small portion of it.

Not wanting to part with all those wedding guest dresses you’ve only worn once doesn’t mean you have to have a messy and disorganized wardrobe. In fact, quite the opposite. We’ve found some of the best and smartest closet ideas and organizers to help you show off your things (and also make them easier to find), along with these clever makeup storage ideas. Premium if you find any outfits you completely forgot about in the process.

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In order to really maximize the space you have in your closet, you have to be smart. If you have built-in drawers in your closet, consider using drawer dividers or fabric clothing dividers to keep everything in its place and organized. If you find all your shoes are tossed in the back of your closet, why not keep them in pairs with something like this double-hanging shoe storage? This way you can add larger boxes at the bottom and fill them with seasonal items such as winter coats in the summer and bikinis in the winter. Catch the drift yet?

If you don’t have drawers but To do have storage space in your closet, then consider these stackable baskets from Amazon. They slide in and out so you can easily access things like knits and use the “dead space” you might otherwise not have used. Do you have room for a shelf, but you don’t have one built in? Create your own with these extendable shelves that also feature rails for hanging items. So smart.

Elsewhere, if it’s the size of your wardrobe that limits you when it comes to storage solutions, then why not hang items together and reduce the clutter of multiple hangers? Space-saving trouser hangers and hangers are a dream for this. Trust us, we have many.

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